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That was funny. Did anyone else notice Suarez just walk in and calmly pull one of the opposing players away?
7 years ago
That was very good. I like the exact last clip....the other team must've felt horrible.
You couldn't beat Sparta Prague? Wow, that's a typical result for Liverpool.
That was an amazing goal. You don't really see goals like this anymore. That was an example of perfection.
We really need to find a way to get Torres, Drogba, and Anelka on the pitch. When Ancelloti took out Anelka, I had doubts of us beating the Reds. Anelka is a vi...
How did you get that fan valuation? I need to know how for my dreamfooty.
I wish Portugal could perform like this at the world cup. They were good, but not very good.
Those were some nice skills. I feel bad these players aren't heard by better teams.
That was amazing. The last goal was amazing. HaHa, Harry! You shouldn't be managing Hotspur, you should be playing for Hotspur!
Chicharito has a bright future. I hope he makes it well and doesn't ruin it. I hope he also doesn't develop an ego.
Was that Cech fighting with Ivanovic? See, this is the stuff that's making us lose. If Chelsea deteriorates like France because of bad communication, we might n...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I say that Messi played okay in his friendly against Portugal. I still think that Portugal should have won. I am naturally a Madrid fan and by nature, I go for ...
Does anyone know if David Luiz will be playing against Fulham, because I have high expectations from him. Thanks guys, Chelsea 4 life
Even after the second loss to Liverpool, i feel Chelsea is doing fine in the premier league. I feel they have to work on building their defensive strategy. They...
Talk about luck for argentina. that goal portugal scored wasnt offside and argentina didnt play as well as portugal...portugal played a very good game.
I cant believe that this happened...its so retarded....we really should have more referees
Hey mina, did u here that fernando torres never kissed the liverpool badge? thats something important....hehe
32 min: IS THIS THE MISS OF THE SEASON? THE DECADE? THE CENTURY? No, but it's a bad 'un. Gerrard drills the ball across goal and Maxi is clear, two yards out, C...
16 min: Sheesh! Another close shave of Liverpool's own making. Skrtel dillies and dallies, dallies and dillies on the edge of his own area and almost gets his p...
Excuse me!!!! did you say that ur waiting for suarez to DRILL one past cech?!?!?! the last time i rememember something being drilled was the newcastle and liver...
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