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Well, I'll eat my words about saying the defense sucked. Not a bad performance tonight, though I'm not sure if our D was that good or Huston was that bad. Agai...
7 years ago
Well it's nice to be back after an extended off-season. Hope you all are rested and ready to go. Some quick thoughts: 1. BIMBO........ 2. Nice third kit 3. W...
Loved the first goal, pure class.
I was there in spirit. I've scraped my self all too hell(Bicycle + Concrete + Me = Pain), so I've been watching a lot of TV lately. But I'm glad to see the lad...
Ha Shel classic Philly Fan. I'm fed up with the coach as well, but sacking him after one year seems a bit harsh. Maybe line up a replacement in the off-season,...
Good to know, if the tickets are cheap I'll go and see them.
Union 1 Celtic 0 !!!!
Eh... I think Jersey's quite a nice place. Just gets a bad rap from shows like "The Jersey Shore" White house sub shop!
Just got over the Ghana loss.... Back to chatting about soccer
Damn, lackluster performance hurt us again. Ghana showed flashes of brilliance, but the US lost this game. Damn, damn, damn. Too bitter to post anything now....
Guys, not trying to be stupid or anything. But can someone tell me why Crouch hasn't been getting minutes? Every time I watch him play for you he seems to score...
8 years ago
Shame that, you always feel bad for an injury.
Counter Attacks? Easy mate, we're the better side. I want Altidore to start using his body more to control the tempo of the match. Then Demp and Don could make...
Smart game lads. England are a class side, glad to see we didn't concede. @Mr PP., Bradley likes that "clam up" style. It works moderately well, yet the Brazi...
Yep there's the red, fantastic. Well looks like I have to study for finals now. lol. Oh and the kit looks like crap as well. Let's here it for the World Cup....
Expectations: Looking a bit grim. Stupid, and I mean stupid mistakes don't win games. Plus the back line sits around making daisy chains all game. Seitz doesn't...
Ooops they scored again. 2-0
Ho hum, down 1-0
Yea, I doubt United will be at full strength. But they probably will bring over one or two quality players, to get the fans interested. Ha Tony, you better be ...
Over There, Over There Send the word, send the word, Over There. That the Yanks are coming,The Yanks are coming, The drums rum tumming everywhere. So prepare,sa...
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