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The shivers running down my spine watching my team play in full flow..
People being called a glory hunter just because they are not lucky enough to be born near the football ground..(and Liverpool and most recently city :P)
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Thanks Cloudst ..
4 years ago
Evra deserves better then that.. 7 IMO he kept overlapping Kagawa in the 1st half to give us some width and put in few dangerous low crosses .. Also kept the ot...
If we don't finish top 4 i'll be dissapointed but I'd still stick by him.. As you just mentioned we are not Chelsea.. The thing with most of the fans is that th...
^So what do you suggest if he doesn't get any silverware this year .. Should we sack em
Fellaini didn't impress you .. Did we watch the same game 0o
He looks fit .. Who says he's fat :P
It's only 3 games Karthik .. Relax and see what happens in the coming few weeks.. If the scenario doesn't change then I would gladly agree that there is an issu...
It's not a new record Prophet.. It's just that our club and its fans are experiencing this for the first time.. Clubs like Chelsea and City fans have been doing...
I don't care what you think of him Somere as long as you don't start bickering over every small things which Moyes does (which you don't Btw).. And TOD I do get...
The thing with most of the fans on here who are complaining after just 3 games into the season are not helping the matter as well.. Try being optimistic for onc...
The way Rooney played was no media hype either as you guys are referring..sure he is expected to give his all but he didn't look to do so for about half a year ...
Lol love it..
^agree with you mate.. Personally I don't mind the rumours at all as its the only source of excitement we can get in the off season.. Who cares if some of em d...
I agree..
Lol you should write a book or something Prophet.
Don't worry bro.. The way I look at it, it's almost a done deal!!
5 years ago
Found this on the Chelsea forum .. Funny s**t haha..
To good to be true.. Lets watch this space !!
Dumbass Wayne.. I used to love Rooney and if I'm being honest he's still my favourite on the pitch even when Ronaldo played for us.. I always wanted to play lik...
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