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MUMatt wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
I wonder if there's any research on that...or if it's just reported more in those leagues.
6 years ago
Broken glass theory...letting people saying ignoratn things and not doing anything about it makes things worse. Being proactive and cleaning up the game by get...
Very ignorant comment
Dey = they, dere = their/there
Yea i saw this earlier this morning...dont' really know what to make of it. as long as Rooney kept away fromthe matter things will be gravy
I'm confused....
It's an interesting trend....but then again it is a small data set i'd like to see what it was like in years farther back. What's funny to me is how the most p...
SAF is a very loyal manager to players that are loyal to him and the I think that it's in Rio's hands what he really wants to do. Is he 30? I though...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Did you read the article? He didnt' say anything about selling RVP...I dont' really understand anything else you wrote about.
Arsenal is easily one of the best camps at developing youth players I think. They have one of the best youth systems around.
That's because Munchen Developes there team unlike City...and they spend there money very team of 22 strikers is going to win anything...
Usually mine are spot on...I give up too many penalties because i'm still in the tackling mind-set of the other FIFAs lol
I think you should share your secrets, because secrets don't make friends :(
I did it just this morning...SIMPLYGODS IS A LIAR!!
Is this a virus? Cuz i really am in the mood for a good manager game...If not i'm pumped!
I played Owen once in FIFA 12 and scored two goals with him in less than 10 minutes. Then he demanded a start the next match...played the entire game and had a...
He's been playing sooo good lately. I feel bad for Hernandez, but at least the knocks he's been getting have all been minor and nothing big. Ashley Cole's tac...
I wonder what he'll do when his contract is up. He's solid but it's very clear to me anyways that he is definitely slowing down :(
Learn to coach....?
AVB is a great manager...I think Ancelotti will end up at which ever club has a vacancy first *cough cough co-arsenal-ugh cough....excuse me
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