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@Ttk86 There is little loyalty in football but I don't think even for a second that Ronaldo would join any other English club but Manchester United. He cant s...
19 hours ago
Http:// Make of it what you will. ...
20 hours ago
@Drde159 No s**t Sherlock... Rojo has played about 90% of his club football at CB, suggesting he is untested in that role is ridiculous, his positioning, tack...
Rojo is a CB... No one is jumping the gun...
CB area still looks vulnerable. Jones and Rojo are massively talented but they're young and still learning, long term they will be our first choice CB's for su...
I dunno, when I first saw it I thought it was a driven ball into feet, he actually looks up and appears to eye Matas run, the ball was inch perfect. SanchezAle...
Oh dear, looks like you've upset this one Badge. I'm all for good banter but this is just awful Pewpew, try a bit harder lad, this is a poor effort.
1 day ago
I'm sure your lot have never sang about other teams players when you weren't playing their teams... Give over Dan, its just a bit of banter, you've got to expe...
The crowd was just waiting for some poor sod to slip on their arse. You could almost feel the suspense.
Tbf that was an excellent save from Green to deny him. The tempo in our game had dropped by the time he was subbed in as well, we had a 4 nil lead and had take...
They were both excellent, Herrera was everywhere. I'd give it to Blind personally, such an intelligent player, quiet but massive influence on the side, I like ...
2 days ago
I'm sure the plaudits will go to the likes of Di Maria and Herrera and rightly so. But Blind for me was the MOTM, quietly effective, really showed his quality,...
Rojo was good defensively though... He put a great performance In. EDIT: Well you wasn't talking about judging Rojo at CB you said he was average defensively ...
Pure class from Di Maria. Brought the ball from our own third, great ball Into Rooney as well. Quality finish from Ander too.
What a set piece. Was aiming for Rooney clearly but the quality of the delivery was so good it put Green in an awful position, right between the gap between Fe...
Lost our identity apparently.
Exactly Karthik. Funny how theatre talks about hindsight yet ignores the fact that Herrera has barely played 60 minutes of PL football so far and whether we co...
3 days ago
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