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@Uma Pipe down pumpkin, no need to get upset. Would rather be sat at home than be there to make up the numbers in all honesty... They're never winning it th...
2 hours ago
I don't think its anything to do with experience. They're just not a very good side, the form of Sturridge and especially Suarez who was by and large the secon...
Damage limitation for Liverpool now. Surely they cant think they will get anything from the game at this point outside of a miracle.
3 hours ago
I actually couldn't believe how over hyped his signing was for Liverpool. People saying he was a world class signing and the rest of it, it really beggared bel...
They started well but I think they burnt themselves out after 20 minutes. The worrying thing for Liverpool is they now really have to commit forward if they wa...
@Shay Its not a muscle injury, he went off with cramp / dead leg, its not a tear or a pull or anything. I think he will be fine... Hopefully lol.
6 hours ago
It wont be a popular opinion but I wouldn't mind giving Fellaini a chance if we're playing a packed midfield. Might seem knee jerk after he scored a great goal ...
7 hours ago
I agree. Fellaini got himself into the box when he came on as well and made us so much more threatening, we've really got to start making our dominance count, ...
FFS, we're so frustrating. We didn't even play bad, outside of the opening 5 minutes I felt we were well on top and there was a period towards the end of the ...
2 days ago
@Zoo There is a "/" between Mata and Januzaj, he means just one of them not both.
QPR dominated the game, Liverpool well and truly got away with it, should have been 3 or 4 nil to QPR by half time. Two own goals? Really... Lucky bastards lo...
3 days ago
@Badge Grats on mod status mate, well deserved.
4 days ago
Might be a coaching thing SiF, LVG might feel he has another good season or two left in him and can get it out of him. Could want a bit more experience in the ...
Unless he's coming for pennies and a pittance wage (football wise) I wont be impressed with this at all. Could provide decent enough cover though and his exper...
Carrick has featured in a behind doors game, he is close to a return, might be closer than we think. Herrera has a decent chance of returning for West Brom any...
1 week ago
@Pejvl Cheers for the info. Yeah I've just done a bit more reading and it appears to have been a flag of "greater Albania" which does include most of Serbia, ...
I saw it mentioned on SportBible yesterday mate, they had a small video of what started the riot, nothing as in depth as this. Some guy flew a smallish helico...
Yeah I don't think so either SiF. Just talking hypothetically as LGW is under the impression that a lot of us hate him which isn't the case.
Would have Pogba back in a heartbeat. No ill feeling towards him from me anyway, he knew how good he was and knew he was ready for first team football, we stuc...
I don't even know what to say this... Blew over £60 million on J.Rodriguez on the back of WC form yet couldn't give a pay rise to Di Maria who was arguably th...
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