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@Cheshire / Gohonaf Lmao. When did we start giving our players medieval titles?
12 hours ago
Well Bale did start off as a full back Shiwa lol. He's done a reverse Valencia lol.
We were linked with him in the summer if I remember. Had a great first season at Everton, I remember him being talked about as a Carrick replacement as early a...
1 day ago
I was going to post something similar to this but couldn't be arsed going off on one of my rants lmao. To add to your post I'd just like to say this is why th...
4 days ago
@Gunners I've seen you posting nothing but a full stop a few times now. Are the mods editing your posts? If not then what is the purpose of your post? I'm no...
Yes and yes, as for Jakob, he can f**k off, just forget about him, he has been spared the championship for another season. A Carrick replacement really has to ...
Yes Ldinho, we had over 4x their shots as well and spent over 3/4 of the game in their half.
Not to mention their goal was lucky was f**k... Our luck is just out atm, hope its just a bad patch, we've not been even remotely outplayed in these last 3 def...
And he is correct to do so. 80% possession, f*****g hell I don't think I have ever seen that in a PL match. Not even from Arsenal.
That poor he took the defending champions to 7th not 12 months ago... The league isn't poor, City have just flopped hard after an uninspiring transfer window, ...
5 days ago
I find it pretty unbelievable that people can call for quality players who have not even been at the club for one season to be sold because they've had a few in...
Fantastic news. Hopefully we've turned a page with youth contracts after the Pogba fiasco, that must never be aloud to happen again.
Illuminati confirmed.
6 days ago
Meh... He better do something with Rooney out, not done jack this season along with a certain Colombian... I think a fresher looking strike force next season w...
I think Joey is right, "that" streak without conceding a goal was in 08/09. I believe that streak is still a world record for most consecutive minutes in compe...
I think we will get the deal done. BILD reported that Bayern might get involved which could make things difficult, I think he has a better shot at the startin...
Hopefully Shiwa we can secure CL qualification in our next two fixtures, both are very winnable. Should be able to at least get him off the bench after that, ...
Was coming here to post this. SSN link:
Daily Fail. I suppose we'll see, he's been popping up on the bench recently so he does have the gaffers eye.
Yes I think we will lose him. The club has a policy of offering 3 year schoolboy forms to our youth players at 16, new contracts are not offered until they're...
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