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I agree with SiF. Its not all bad for us, lots of new signings have come into the starting 11 not just the squad, its going to take time for them to settle, we...
7 hours ago
I'm done moaning about Clattenburg now, we need to move on. I'm just going to finish on the wise words of Didier Drogba: "ITS A DISGRACE! ITS A DISGRACE! ITS ...
10 hours ago
Dont forget Everton Ashup, their start has been as bad as ours as well. They're currently losing to Crystal Palace at home, if they don't change that then they ...
He needs to get this back. Mellowed too much in recent years IMO, he could be the new Keane if he throws himself into it.
Rojo drifts inside because he is a CB. With Jones and Evans injured and Blackett suspended he might get a chance at CB now and we might get to see Shaw at LB....
Our defence wasn't horrible in the first 60 minutes though... Sure Leicester had chances but if you expect to go a full away game without conceding chances the...
@EamonnHolmes "On the bright side .Never ceases to amaze me the joy that spreads throughout the land when Man Utd are beaten. Dancing in Leicester Streets." l...
Lmao @ Badge. I don't even think Andres was pointing out the replies just Balotellis tweet, gone off on a right tangent there bud haha. @Andres This might ...
11 hours ago
Vardy in the post match interview was a walking contradiction, he claimed his initial barge on Rafael was just strength when it was more like a rugby challenge ...
No. It was more on the ref. Leicester's opener aside which shouldn't even have stood we defended perfectly well for 60 minutes, Clattenburgs decision totally ...
I don't want to take anything away from Leicester but Clattenburg won them the game. At 3-1 we were dominant, settle for 10 minutes and it would have been com...
12 hours ago
Thanks for being impartial mate, well done.
I'm assuming we're playing the diamond again, I hope we are anyway. Not too happy seeing Mata on the bench, I think RVP should of been dropped tbh. Although...
15 hours ago
"almighty balls" Nothing else needed to be said.
1 day ago
Yeah I get what you're saying, it sucked helping a top 4 rival but the nature of the transfer left us with little option. It was deadline day, he had no suitor...
I doubt it. Aston Villa totally collapsed after Ozils opener although Welbeck did have an influence on that goal but I honestly think Arsenal would have found ...
And love.
@Lutheaven / Stret No point trying to rationalise this argument any more. Sections of our fan base have for whatever reason or another developed a pathologica...
Just had to pick on Rooney didn't you... Stfu bitter. Costa should certainly be higher than an 85, I think Spains disastrous WC probably affected his rating wh...
With the exception of Falcao all our signings this summer were between 19-26 with the bulk being 24. That's not a short term transfer policy... All these playe...
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