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@Footballisunite hahahaha, literally what I was complaining about. Glad it wasn't just me being a retard and not seeing a comments section link.
3 hours ago
I noticed the change yesterday mate. I couldn't find my way to the comments section of this forum though, it was basically a page with all the videos under the...
@SKool Yeah its weird which makes me question the truth to it in the first place. I think its just as likely we paid a flat £36 million for him which is a ha...
4 hours ago
They're hilarious aren't they. I'm pretty sure they've convinced themselves that we are paying Schneiderlin like 500k a week plus a herd of goats and that's th...
5 hours ago
"What happened last night with Monaco, who sold Martial to Manchester United for 80 million Euros, I've heard..." "I've heard..." which pretty much means I rea...
I think he might even be 2nd choice you know after Martial. For the money we have spent on Martial he has to start and I'm assuming from the position change he...
7 hours ago
I don't trust Jamie Jackson neither but I don't think that's what he is claiming here. He isn't saying that Navas was forcing a move from Madrid or that he eve...
8 hours ago
Cheers mate, good finds. +1
21 hours ago
What Shiwa said. Beginning to feel a lot more positive about this move, hope he can settle quickly.
22 hours ago
Hi Jason, just keeping the line of communication open here mate. You've had several comments edited over the last few days. We're being very generous by doing s...
23 hours ago
@CHELSEA61 Ok I'll reign it in. Just a bit annoyed with the situation is all.
Its Madrid mistake. We have evidence in time stamped documents and testimony from a third party in the F.A, they don't have a case against us and its why they ...
Welbeck was sold when he was 23 about to turn 24. We have bought Martial at 19, world of difference mate.
@Jeroen You're not wrong about his stats. But he made his Lyon debut the day after he turned 17, you've got to consider that. If that was the goal / assist ...
I think he is talking more long term with that last line lol. But yeah I keep reading good things from people in the game who know about him, he has to have so...
It kind of went under the radar in yesterdays drama but there has been no word on Valdes and he did change his cover photo to a United badge yesterday evening. ...
How do calculate potential into a players value? That is ridiculous, no one knows what level he will reach, could you have calculated an 18 year Ronaldos value ...
@DoesntMata Must have missed it mate, I wasn't disputing whether it was true I just wanted to see a source for it is all.
Yeah the virus can f**k off trying to shift the blame, they've shown zero commitment to buying De Gea all summer and some of their fans have even had the nerve ...
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