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Newcastle fielding a weakened side as well. City have started most of their best players, Silva has gone off injured, Toure too.
1 day ago
He wants to grow up a bit, hes nearly 40 ffs lol. None the less I think the ban is ridiculous, its just an argument, not the F.A's business if its not happeni...
Its pathetic isn't it. I could just as easily argue that Rooney and Falcaos absence cost us just as much as Costas, that is no excuse, as for the grappling in...
2 days ago
He was apparently limping at a club event or something. Doesn't sound solid, might be a bit of trouble causing by the press.
Not sure Ronnie will win it this year, I think Portugal's no show at the WC might go against him, I don't think its beyond the realms of possibility for Lahm to...
Jones has got shin splints? Really? I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that tends to occur if you've been doing a lot of running in unsuitable footwear or the b...
3 days ago
Any word on Falcao yet? I don't recall LVG being questioned on why he was out or giving any insight into what the injury is, hope it isn't serious.
@Snitch How do you know we wont "defend for our lives" or show "aggressiveness"... I'm pretty sure we beat West Ham just a few weeks ago and we stopped them f...
Off topic. Any borderlands the pre sequel players for ps3 here?
4 days ago
Its the little shake of the head, he is not having that goal at all.
I expect more of this Badge now you have mod status. There has been a notable lack of embedding on this forum during my time here and that has to change, we're...
Anyone got a gif / vine of Mous reaction to Robins goal? I've got nothing against Mou but his reactions are just hilarious haha.
The BBC Sport feed has gone well downhill, they post the most inane stupid s**t off twitter / text msg. Its just bait, its like the comments section of the Dai...
Might wanna pay better attention to some of our games lately, we've had little joy from referees. I understand some of you are upset over the Ivanovich penalty...
Comparing the performance to the utterly drab showings against the top 6 last season that was a massive improvement, particularly the first half where I thought...
Looks like that goal has really lifted him, I thought he had a great game.
What Prophet said. Our team is not used to natural 10's, I think that played a part in Kagawa struggling here and why Mata cant replicate the form he showed in...
Peach of a set piece to create the winner though. That's why you leave players like him on and that's why you pay out the arse for them, they'll find it when ...
Give him a break. He's been getting a lot of criticism and so has the team, even if it was only a draw that's a big goal/result for us considering everyone wro...
Januzaj inches from scoring, just over. De Gea saved a Drogba effort.
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