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Pretty lacklustre given we had like 75% of the ball, even before they had a man sent off and almost all the territorial advantage, nearly half the game played i...
1 hour ago
I don't think anyone has made excuses for ADM other than him being played wrongly upfront which is a perfectly valid reason for a poor performance. What some ...
2 hours ago
Yeah he's pretty much a shoe in to start if fit.
Http:// RVP expected to...
@Zhenwei You've misspelled that refs first name mate. There is no "e" or "y" in it.
2 days ago
@Cheshire I understand your frustration, I genuinely do, I'm pissed myself about the state of affairs these last 18 months at the club, as you recall I was one...
If we don't get another winger in this summer then he should get a shot, if we get a Depay or a Reus in then he should go for his own sake as much as ours. I s...
@TheCheshireCat You have nothing nice to say at all so spare me the victim complex, your behaviour amongst others has been pathetic these last two months, noth...
@BearWithFish That's my understanding. He needs to be playing CL football, I don't blame him for holding off, if he really wanted a move he could of pushed f...
@SiF There is no point trying to rationalise with them mate, they are just pathologically negative, I said it the other day they revel in it, they were nowhere...
Just watched the highlights SiF and G.Nev said he was outstanding, only mistake he made was misreading Chamberlain for Arsenals goal.
Is that the guy who is always wearing full Arsenal clothing including a hat complete with Arsenal drinking bottle and Arsenal headphones? Guy is a walking car...
I didn't watch the match but was Cazorla really playing in a double pivot with the inexperienced Coquelin? Not my place to question Wenger but that looks like...
ArsenalFanTV ought to be entertaining.
Injury time header against the dippers. Only a true Manchester United warrior puts his head on the line against the enemy like that.
3 days ago
He's revealed he is considering an offer from them not that he is definitely going but he's been given little to no chances this season so it wouldn't surprise ...
Funnier going for the diving header tho. It was a spectacular fail, one of those where its harder to miss than score, if he heads that even remotely on goal it...
Well you would think that wouldn't you... After all you've been a beacon of positivity this season. There is absolutely no point in worrying about the teams ar...
4 days ago
So what did you want for him again Roma? 85 million euros wasn't it? lol But jokes aside its a damn shame, cruciate ligament injuries are very hard to shake o...
Yeah our defending was terrible but you've got to expect that with the presence of Jones and/or Evans in the backline. But the simple fact is that we had loads...
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