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He would upgrade most teams. I don't think anyone can realistically say we don't need him neither. He's a goal scoring winger, we literally don't have any real...
7 hours ago
@Fabby Pirlo in that section of the book is talking about the midfield players who he feels were the greats during his era. The way you've put it is making o...
13 hours ago
Yeah they appear to be interested in a lot of very good players who are past their best, Serie A is a slower paced league though, should turn out good signings ...
1 day ago
How many minutes has Jones played at centre half though compared to others on that list? Just saying the ratings could be a little skewered as its a much smalle...
I was going to mention the MOTD coverage by Hansen and Hamann Liquidator but I've not actually seen it but I've been informed that it was as one eyed as ever re...
Mou was right. There is an absolutely disgusting amount of bias for Liverpool running through the English press and the punditry world. There is another article...
You cant really have a vote like that on here mate. Most of our rivals will be up voting the Moyes in option. It's too difficult to get a complete United only ...
2 days ago
Chill guys you got the 3 points, that's all that matters at the back end of the season. Chelsea never had to get out of 1st gear, if you needed to turn it up a...
They might finally win the PL now he's retired haha. At least they never won the PL on his watch ;D
HEY! We've got a game in hand!
Tbf City didn't get the breaks, Suarez should have been sent off and they had two stonewall penalty appeals turned down. Ofc that wont be talked about as its L...
Clattenberg bottled it again. He should never have been given this game after his comments on giving decisions at Anfield.
Come on now, lets not start an argument here, its not relevant and its just making us look like we're trying to drag s**t up to throw at them given our current ...
Yeah it was, but its Clattenburg, was never going to be given, as i said below they've got the breaks when they need them, City were so wasteful in the last few...
Amen Prophet. I don't want to see then win it neither, f*****g hell its not easy is it? Cant imagine how the last 22 years have been for them. If there is a ...
Kompany isn't fit and Y.Toure has gone off. Got to feel its in the stars for Liverpool to win the league, they're getting the breaks when they need them. City r...
Good goal by Sterling that. Showed great composure. Not sure what Hart was doing though, put himself in no mans land.
Well with Mark "You cant give a penalty against Liverpool at Anfield" Clattenburg I'm fully expecting a Liverpool win, couple of pens too... Lol... But in all ...
Begs the question as to how referees fall for this kind of s**t.
3 days ago
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