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Deserved IMO.
3 days ago
Reckon Mou will make it to January? Relegation battle is heating up.
6 days ago
And even that's debatable. Yeah I'm serious, that's how good De Gea is.
1 week ago
Http:// Really good article on the Spanish Juan...
We were on them like a rash in the first half, Wolfsburg were lucky to go in 1-1. Second half was scruffy but Wolfsburg did not do enough to win or even draw I...
Being the captain it will be hard to bench him. But he needs a wake up call, this just isn't acceptable, the typical robust play isn't even there any more so t...
Mike Beastling.
And its another assist for the Spanish Juan.
"Juan Mata has been involved in 13 goals (8 scored, 5 assisted) in his last 21 games for Manchester United." Really starting to find his 2011-2013 Chelsea form...
I have to agree. Hope it is just an extended bad spell but he just looks so sluggish and ineffective when compared to how dynamic and effective Martial is prov...
Good, opens up the group.
Yeah we should have scored more definitely. Hopefully we can maintain pressure in the second half and not get done on the counter, we really need a win here or...
I think Martial is our most effective attacking player atm. Really hard to contain him, just goes past players like they don't even exist.
I think it was after the Madrid game where he was benched. I said as much at the time that he never put a transfer request in, it was a dispute that never shou...
The goals are from all competitions, not sure about the assists, pretty sure he has more than 11 assists, the wiki is listing him at 19 goals for us though not ...
Well noted Karthik. I didn't even think of that, if I recall he is quote one footed so his right leg shouldn't be on the line too much other than him running o...
Lol just realised we've got the joint beat defensive record in the league with only 5 conceded. That was without De Gea for the Swansea game as well, I reckon ...
Feels good to be on top of the table. But lets not celebrate, we won the league two years ago, its hardly like we've gone 25 years without the title and have j...
I was going to post about him but thought I'd tag onto this. He really has been an unsung hero this season, rarely gets the headlines but I'd love to see how m...
Yeah I'm really happy were top but lets take it easy, Chelsea have not got going yet and I'm sure there is more to come from City when they bed in the new signi...
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