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MU4life just Watched
We being dominated by swansea with possesion and playing counter attack at home....wth Moyse!!!
Wtf going on damnit no tempo or pace at all....Adnan on the right ? why moyse making things difficult
Idk if this posted yet but we looking better and better financially every year
Im supporting Moyse but i think worked with Everton for so long he used to mid table tatics and mentalities . Quit fcking defend after 1-0 and attack for fck sa...
No hard feelings to the man but somebody please slap Giggs in the face and tell him face reality damnit . and fcking Moyes we want our Kagawa to play damnit
Moyes need to get his fcking subs right 1st giggs a 40 years legs in ? 2nd wtf sub and changed the center back last 5 mins of game? and 3rd and most fcking stup...
Why the fck put 40 years old legs in if trying to control the game...unbelievable decisions and subs
Turning us into Everton for sure with 1-0 and defend to death even at home...cant say nothing more than this
We playing like away team in UCL now wth they dictating the play and tempo
Giggs in the middle? i hope they wont just run ring around us...i can only hope
1 shot on target so far how utterly rubbish
No team spirit at all and Moyes might be resting kagawa for liverpool
Everton would put up serious fight this team isnt
Bring on Chicha and Nani or Kagawa wtf Moyes waiting on
I swear if Young is started a game next time i will switch off my TV and cancel my SKY subscription...cant take that guy no more
I broke my phone....never seem such incompetent and half hearted team like this
Fcking Young nice pass open them for counter us
We f****d
Cleverly coming on for young please damnit
Wtf Rio doing in this game...
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