MU4E1999 Summer speculations, let the games begin
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It might be against Bahrain, but if he was as awful or as past it as some people are claiming he is. He wouldn't have scored those goals either. The differenc...
2 days ago
@Mustangs that's where you're wrong. Carlo Ancelotti's recently made statement that indicated there was no room for the French midfielder "Pogba" in his team....
Reports are starting to surface that Skrtl was charged by the FA. Likely a 3 game ban, same as Costa.
6 days ago
It's not that I'm afraid, but my heart can't take it seeing boos serie A every week, let alone at City. When he was in our ranks, especially if he ended up scor...
So,Di Maria should've pushed him instead of tucking his shirt then?
"I would be glad if Pogba f****d off to City" Are you crazy? The F*** is wrong with you? haha
^Yeah he disappeared in the 2nd half, but by no means does that merit his car getting hit. Some Madrid fans are truly a disgraceful bunch!
Thx mate, yeah it's a disgrace from the media to completely neglect that situation entirely. Hoping for a retrospective ban by the FA. Now do us a favor and be...
Off topic: When you guys watch videos from the "playwire" video player, does it always take so long for it to completely buffer? Like you have to pause the vi...
Am I the only one who thought that Messi seemed kinda tired or didn't really look that alive today? I thought it was kinda funny tbh. Messi didn't even seem ...
Spot the difference.
1 week ago
A draw would be best for getting closer to arsenal while maintaining a cushion over pool. Personally a Liverpool loss would be the best outcome , considering ...
@Ldinho, had me dying with that comment.
I would've bet my house that Mata would've buried that.
I thought the same as well, would've been a nice gesture for a very nice guy. It seemed like Rooney's head wasn't in the game at all, don't know what is it wit...
^ Well I haven't kept count, but till 2 years ago we had the most , with Barca having like 2 trophies less than us. Not sure if they caught up or passed us sinc...
^ How about top 2? It's no secret that for the past 20 years United and Barca have won the most trophies out of all clubs in Europe.
The 2nd goal wasn't Courtois's fault it was Terry's and tbf to him there was a slight collision between him and Cahill right before the run up which made Terry ...
2 weeks ago
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MU4E1999 Summer speculations, let the games begin
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