MU4E1999 Summer speculations, let the games begin
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@Badge Fergie was a genius, that simple.
I'm sure Mou had his reasons, but were Salah and Cuadrado ever really given a chance to succeed at the Bridge though? I mean Salah joined and made a handful o...
No one said he was a top player, nor did anyone say he'll cause us problems now. He did cause us a ton of problems and our back line did struggle to contain hi...
1 day ago
Yeah SIF we dud and he ripped us a new one. Still remember how he made Carrick look a fool in that fixture, but tbf to Carrick he was played as a CB that game i...
Yes, please!
5 days ago
Actually we missed out on Robben because of a fax issue if I recall, think Fergie wrote something about it in one of his books.
1 week ago
@Jujex Reus can play false 9 and is a beast at it. His break out season with Germany back when he won German player of the year with Monchengladbach(prior to Do...
Pedro is both a winger and a forward. If we sign Pedro and we convert to a 4-3-3 we're no longer playing with wingers, rather inside forwards instead. Memphis a...
My heartfelt condolences to you and you family, stay strong my friend.
Honestly when was the last time that Rooney looked half decent on a consistent basis? It's not match sharpness. Today he can be a world beater and by next week ...
2 weeks ago
Playing with Rooney is like playing with 10 men on the pitch, I'm sorry.
It will if we go through SIF. If we don't qualify then no.
On official Uefa best player shortlist today beside Otamendi's name was listed "(ARG- Valencia , now Manchester City)" Moments later page was updated and it was...
Still can't believe he took a touch there. One would think an experienced ex-world class player would know better in such a situation, It's not like he just cam...
Sherwood said that he was the best header of the ball he's seen in British Football or something along those lines. Guess he wasn't kidding.
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3 weeks ago
OMFG like seriously CJ? First game of the F'ing season and you couldn't wait to bring up that BS? I give up man...
I remember not so long ago we used to be 1st on that list and then 2nd. 10th? All will be restored in due time again.
@Shiwa nah, white ones always brought us bad luck.
1 month ago
Yes SIF, same goes for Darmian as well. Their speed is insane. They will be key for us both offensively and defensively this coming season. With these two spe...
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MU4E1999 Summer speculations, let the games begin
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