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"4 appearances with 2 goals and sadly subbed off 2 times with injuries" ...and 1 assist. Just when he seemed to be getting into full gear he gets injured agai...
Would love to have him back as long as it doesn't stop us from actually addressing our squad's frailties. We're still one midfielder and maybe 2 solid CB's shor...
3 days ago
One of the uploaders who makes Utd highlights said that he was making one. I think it should be up by today.
Di Maria has given us that flair and cutting edge that we've lacked since Ronaldo left, but I'd have to go with Kathik on this one. Herrera has been at the ce...
I completely forgot about both Young and Fellaini tbh, wish that I could forget about Valencia as well. Looking at this team atm, can't really see where those 3...
Hey guys, Thought you might like some player highlight vids from our game against West Ham, if I find anymore vids later on I will add them to the list as well...
Pelle had a world class goal as well.
Wayne Rooney will miss 3 games against Everton, West Brom & Chelsea for violent conduct, but it doesn't Mata.
4 days ago
LvG: "L.Shaw has impressed me because of his rehabilitation and how he did that. He is now ready to play and I am anxious to see him." Oooh, got me all excited...
I just got it earlier haven't been able to play more than 2 matches. But I already noticed how they made it a bit more slower than the demo, the players also fe...
6 days ago
He sure does. Last season Ander worked on his late runs and arrival into the box and he's added that to his game. I think so far this season we're seeing him im...
1 week ago
Yes, "Real fans" as if it's our fault that we weren't born in Manchester, I stand by what I said!
@Lutheaven "you must have a brain of a peanut.don't you think if mean what you think i mean,that means i'm not a real fan too??" WTF?? If you didn't mean it, t...
"Real fans" f**k off, mate honestly just f**k off!
To add to your post, let's not forget Leicester 1st goal shouldn't have been allowed, ball clearly went over the line. Leading up to the pen, Rafael was foule...
Jamie Carragher: "It was a shocking decision from Clatternburg and it killed the game." Wow, even Jamie admitted it!
Well done Clattenburg, well done Mark!
I think we've looked more composed in the final 15 minutes, finally starting to play the ball on the ground more. We also kept Leicester fairly quite since. H...
Of course he has a lot to learn and I agree with your points. ...but my point was that there's been some on here who kept criticizing his performances when the...
Please tell me how Blackett isn't composed and mature for his age once again?
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