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It's a shame really. As a Brazil NT fan, Neymar has been nothing short of brilliant for the Canaries. When given the freedom and responsibility he thrives on, h...
13 hours ago
Everyone wants Atleti so slip up , but the fact is they won't. People forget Atleti were slaughtering teams in both La Liga and CL up till February. They've al...
The hopes of all United fans now lie in the hands of Mourinho and Chelsea..
19 hours ago
^ Can't argue with that.
20 hours ago
^ We have no idea...
Witsel is a better footballer than Fellaini. As the fat Spanish waiter would say: "That's a Facht!"
I'm not certain regarding the quote itself, but there is some truth into it. It's not a secret that Reus is a fan of Manchester United. I've heard that many tim...
The fact that it's only a one year extension , makes me wonder if it's to get more money from suitors in the near future.
1 day ago
Gundogan extends contract till 2016. Congrats, hope he can get a 100% fit and reach his true potential. Pheno...
^Reports say Real Madrid. I hear what you're saying though , unfortunately most players don't think the way we do and still end up signing for them whether they...
Well Gundogan finally came up with a decision and he extended his contract for Dortmund until 2016. Good for...
@TheWilf First and foremost quit the rudeness, we don't accept that sh*t on this forum. Secondly, I have done the research. The quote you saw or heard or w/e ...
^ In everyone we've been linked with this season. Carvalho has been the most consistent one, still as you mentioned if it weren't for Madrid's interest and the ...
^ ..and why is that a negative thing? Whether they're a selling club or not, any manager with true ambition would want to keep his best players and not sell th...
So today talkSPORT announced that we've completed the signing of William Carvalho for 35M and just now they stated that we're interested in completing the signi...
When questioned about Barkley's future, Martinez said: "Well according to speculation, we turned down £50m from Man Utd so we certainly wouldn't accept £38m f...
2 days ago
@Toru Of course I do , maybe more than anyone else, but the team is so much better when both are on the pitch. So , I believe it's in the team's best interest i...
No Toru if anything Mata and Kagawa should be playing together not apart.
"Sir Alex locked down internal leaks with such vigour that media and supporters alike could rarely tell insider gossip from deliberate misinformation. Not so un...
3 days ago
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