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Interesting article on some of the changes that LvG is or has implemented at Carrington so far:
2 days ago
@KingLucas Not really both are equally important. Yes, the objective of football is to score in order to win games, but football is a game of both 'attacking' A...
Yeah you guys had to get rid of one Luiz in order to sign the other. :P
3 days ago
Congratz imo: the best LB in the world for the past 2 seasons! Very underrated. Solid at the back and very efficient going forward, has great distribution and r...
Congrats on getting Filipe Luís guys. Sick team you guys are having. Can't wait to play with Chelsea in Fifa 15 :P Cheers.
Now that it finally got subbed in English everyone will be able to and understand the genius of this man.
4 days ago
Hey guys, I wanted to share this with you for a while now. I watched it in Dutch a few weeks ago and was in awe. They finally subbed it in English. This was a...
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6 days ago
Hey, guys I was thinking what are the chances that Sanchez would be deployed as a false 9? Do you guys think it's a possibilty or will he simply play as a RW/RA...
According to Forbes, @ManUtd are the most valuable club worth $3.6B. @realmadrid are 2nd and they're worth $3.17B. Our worst ever season in decades and yet we ...
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1 week ago
tbh honest even though I know it's pronounced as 'nigh-key' I still pronounce it as "Mike' I think it sounds way cooler that way.
United just denied that they've reached an agreement for Vidal. We all know that when Utd deny something,it means that it's on.
@MUFC I know mate, never said you did either...just that you said that it wasn't that "controversial" , which i disagree with. There were a few players who quit...
^I understand what you're saying and all , but it still doesn't justify the award. It says that the golden ball is awarded to 'the best player' of the tourname...
Well tbf most South American countries were put up against each other in the final 16 and eliminated themselves out of the comp.
Gotze brought the shirt, best bro's for life awww
I speak Spanish as well :)
Vidal just did an interview in Chile just now at a game of his old club in Chile. Pic has some quotes about the interview. Chilean fans also confirmed it to be ...
Van Persie: "This was thought of by the manager. We knew Tim was very good at stopping penalties. I thought it was great he was brought in."
2 weeks ago
Please let this be a mistake! Our new kit?
3 weeks ago
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3 months ago
MU4E1999 nominated K. Reichel (47') for Goal of the Week
MU4E1999 nominated M. Amalfitano (2') for Goal of the Week
MU4E1999 nominated A. Lallana (70') for Goal of the Week
MU4E1999 nominated Kaká (54') for Goal of the Week
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