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Raul didn't retire at Madrid. He was sold to Schalke. He retired afterwards.
I misunderstood you.
I know what you mean, we still lack that marque name in our midfield to truly bring the fear back. Van Gaal and Strootman's admiration for one another means tha...
"Coincidence?" I think not! :P Also worth pointing out that he scored on his debut along with other Legendary no.7's such as Best,Cantona,Beckham & Ronny. :D ...
Daley vs QPR. I had a long thought about who was the MOTM for me today and I'd have to go with the others today sta...
"Fluidity is a good thing and not something to be worried about." Exactly, the most dangerous teams are the ones that are the most fluid. Crisp, incisive passi...
@Yaldho thanks, was planning to edit in the other quotes, but you beat me to it. ;) These quotes were only an extract of his book. Probably going to be some m...
Di Maria is so "world class" that at times he mistakenly supplies inch perfect passes for assists. :)
I guess Ferdinand finally opened up about last season. Some interesting quotes on what he had to say about working under Moyes. Can't sat that I'm too surprised...
"Calm down guys, it was only QPR"
2 days ago
@mu4e hehe yeah i can be stubborn sometimes. but if by "again" you are referring to our formation talk the other day then I must remind that you were the one in...
@Somere I agree, the problem we had with Carrick is that he was our only competent midfielder and mostly over played him because of this. With Blind in the si...
Back passes are required if you want to play facing the goal. When a back pass is made, the player receiving the ball is facing goal and has the field in fron...
@Drde again being too stubborn I see, I suggest you go and watch the replay again.
That back pass imo was fine, it was Blackett's inexperience who made it into a nervous situation. Blackett was unaware there was someone in behind him and simpl...
Falcao's interview with Sky Sports:
Di Maria's first post match interview, with Mata acting as the interpreter:
Di Maria vs QPR: Enjoy. :)
With the diamond in midfield, di Maria seems to have a free role, he's constantly drifting around.
People forget that Herrera is still fairly young in footballing years, yet to reach his peak years and is constantly progressing/improving as a player. Some p...
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