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Lol, do you even watch Juventus?
1 day ago
@RaulOne shouldn't you maybe consider that the fact that once Di Maria was deployed in a more central role in a 3 man midfield that maybe, just maybe that turne...
3 days ago
Fifa's problem is that they always tend tend to fix things that ain't broke. What works should be left untouched and what can improve should be improved, that's...
^Not really, all these players came from the Castilla, but when it came to actually becoming a great player, they all had to move on and find their own feet. No...
4 days ago
One word: Metro
1 week ago
^ I think that's one competition Messi won't care about winning. He's happily married with the mother of his child and that's all there is to it.
Sif I think you meant Copa America. Copa Libertadores is the Champions League of South America.
2 weeks ago
Yeah it's a clip from the departed.
LMAO, this is the best vine ever! P.S. You absolutely have to see this!
^Not true at all. Adidas has the best kits out there for quite some time!
They don't have to be. But, since they would just shows how much fa fraud the Ballon D'or has become these last few years. It's all about politics now.
MUFC you do know I was being sarcastic right? Trying to get a bit of humor from all the negativity. @Waddy guess what? He's back though! Was suspended from t...
We miss KAGAWA... There.... I said it! *casually walks away now*
@Shiwa to clarify: Most recent was in 2012 away at City. 2009 was the last time at OT. or at least that's what I read on twitter...
LMAO, No lie I was literally going to post this just now in anticipation of something like this: "Brace yourselves: Lutheaven with the Moyes comparisons is co...
3 weeks ago
Bazinga spot on, would've picked the exact same line up.
1 month ago
"We're not going to gain ground on the top 2 teams if we can't win away." We were never going to be in the title charge this year anyway. Considering the circu...
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You're not the only one Somere. I believe Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima was arguably better than both Messi and Ronaldo, when in his prime. Meaning PSV, Barca an...
You forgot his yoga instructor Giggsy ;)
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