MU4E1999 Summer speculations, let the games begin
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I remember not so long ago we used to be 1st on that list and then 2nd. 10th? All will be restored in due time again.
@Shiwa nah, white ones always brought us bad luck.
1 week ago
Yes SIF, same goes for Darmian as well. Their speed is insane. They will be key for us both offensively and defensively this coming season. With these two spe...
2 weeks ago
Do you guys on here use twitter often? Post your handles so that I can follow you guys. Mine's @MU4E1999
Telegraph as well now.
11 PM EST and 4 AM Manchester time.
If it was up to Ferguson Rooney would've also been a goner. Moyes saved his Utd career.
Schweinsteiger is not the same player he once was due to injuries? I'm sorry , but some of these arguments are laughable at best. It clearly indicates that so...
@Alfrodo is spot on. Basically if Valdes did refuse it was kinda disrespectful. I mean, van Gaal only gave him a chance to train with the 1st team after he rec...
@Yaldho Dude, I know that most of us dislike Valencia for obvious reasons, but you cannot deny that the guy is a very solid defensively. Here are his defensi...
@Kred Better RB overall? Debatable. Better defender overall? Quite frankly, yes.
You guys are all taking it out of context, the original question was about Darmian. The journalist added Rafa's name at the end and LVG stated what he liked in ...
Really? He looks bigger in between the posts.
Andreas too!
@Dom actually this plays perfectly into our hands. With the Euro's coming up he'll definitely do his best in goal, in order to become Spain's undisputed no.1 ,...
I really like what I've seen from Oblak last season in the games that he has featured. Leno or Oblak. In a way he(Oblak) reminds me so much of DDG at that ...
Schneiderlin is counted as a homegrown player, because he meets the quota. He arrived at Southampton at 18 years of age.
3 weeks ago
@Fabius I don't think he really wanted to leave in such manner, it's just that things moved too fast with the transfer and all, including the fact that van Gaal...
I've followed him since last season and truly, he is always spot on! The only one he got wrong last season was Vidal and even so I think he was right. We had g...
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MU4E1999 Summer speculations, let the games begin
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