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You're not the only one Somere. I believe Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima was arguably better than both Messi and Ronaldo, when in his prime. Meaning PSV, Barca an...
2 days ago
You forgot his yoga instructor Giggsy ;)
Raj that doesn't really say much though. Let's be honest ;the English media aren't exactly the holy grail of journalism are they? They're more knee-jerk than...
3 days ago
Great news indeed, from the few times I've seen him do punditry he seemed really knowledgeable and un-biased.
@FootballDoc Riiiiiiiight cuz only United fans have "tunnel vision" smh.
What if a Liverpool fan was commentating on Sunday? Well you'd get this, brilliant! LMAO
4 days ago
De Gea was already one of the best shot stoppers in the world & one of the best GK's in Spain when he joined us, The physicality and pace of the league took him...
1st - i'm not comparing SAF with B.R i'm comparing the early season they had,not the individuality or the person 2nd-try look at the bigger picture.a win doesn...
5 days ago
^says the dude that compared SAF to Rodgers...
Damn it , Badge! You beat me to it...
Funny how we beat Liverpool with the same team that got trashed last season. That should settle the LVG vs Moyes debate once and for all rly.
Who cares, doesn't MATA!
Zidane hinted out that he'd want Varela at Madrid and that a transfer is possible.Seen this in the Spanish press yesterday. I sure hope these are just rumors. ...
1 week ago
That quote was a fake.I follow keith russel on twitter and he likes to trick people or to get a reaction, that's just how he is.
How can he do something if he was injured though? That injury halted his whole progress. It's not like he's played and done sh*t or w/e. I don't get the critic...
Well not all, City still to play next. Hopefully Everton can have a go at them.
Arsenal making Stoke look like an inbred Barcelona.
^SIF he was saying that EA was voted worst company in America for consecutive years or was it 3 in a row? Can't remember... BTW aren't their HQ's in CA? I kno...
EA's been slacking way too much these last few years and that's because PES went into hiding. One thing that propelled Fifa to eventually become better than PES...
2 weeks ago
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