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This has been the saddest day in my life for years. I truly cannot explain how happy I was when he who at that time was the best no.10 in the world in my eyes, ...
18 hours ago
This clearly shows the difference between the two fanbases. One knows and has seen first hand how good of a player he truly was and appreciates him, the other ...
20 hours ago
Couldn't have said it better, spot on!
You'll be surprised SIF
"Unlike Moyes LVG got most of his target if not all. He must understand this system is not working." That quote could not have been more contradicting. How ma...
2 days ago
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IF you really think that Kagawa needs time and space to be effective, then you really don't know the player as well as you think you do. He thrived in tight spa...
He's a fantastic no.6 , was pivotal in Ajax winning the title last season. Sitting just in front of the back two and dictate the tempo. (Busquets role) He's a...
^Every single day!
"0 to 100 real quick" lmao
I'm so so pissed. I kinda hate van Gaal right now. How the f**k can Anderson get 7 years and Shinji couldn't get even 3? How can Valencia and Young still be at ...
3 days ago
@Badge it seems that he' returning to Dortmund. Eventhough I'm gutted a part of me knows that it's for the best. Going back to a team that appreciates his talen...
I've said it many times and I'll say it again. Watch Kagawa leave, regain his form and confidence and watch him destroy defensive lines again. We're probably go...
4 days ago
@Serpico no it won't. Arsenal was top of the league in November, but were 4th in May. You can rush a lot of things in life, but you can't rush proper football. ...
5 days ago
Yeah, I think we can all agree that the 4-3-1-2 seems like the formation best suited for our players, now that we have Di Maria. He used to play there at Benfic...
That's where you're actually mistaken. "Totaal voetbal" is taught through out the youth ranks in the "KNVB" (Dutch FA) all the way through to the "Eredivisie...
Cringe worthy
6 days ago
I still believe that we'll sign Vidal. :)
1 week ago
Yes, the fee is ridiculous, but I'd much rather see that money spent on the club, instead of going down the Glazers pockets.
By signing Di Maria we will most likely abandon the 3-5-2 for a 4-3-3 variation.(4-3-1-2) --------------DDG-------------- Rafael---Jones---Rojo----Shaw-- -----...
Yes, but you have yet to see him at his best in a Chelsea shirt.
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