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here's the video: Interviewer : are you moving to man utd in the summer ? Griezmann : Possible, possible Interviewe...
1 hour ago
Congrats :P
1 day ago
I have a feeling the same haters will kiss his ass next season. I just can't wait. Let's win Europa and shut everyone up because we will have a better season th...
3 days ago
I wanted Allegri for a long time. I hope Allegri will stay with Juve one more year, and in 2 years time when Jose is finally done ruining everything because we ...
6 days ago
These Espn FC fuckers gotta f**k off!
1 week ago
All I am saying I don't like the whole sitting back thing. I just want to attack with whatever we have. I am fine with the players we played yesterday, but mata...
2 weeks ago
I hate it that we just gave up on top-4 finish. What if we lose in europa now? This will be a horrendous season again. I understand we have injured players and ...
@Kayteo - Sounds like you had a real bad experience with them my friend.
3 weeks ago
I will take a tampon ad logo in our jersey as long as we win the league and CL every year lol.
Rooney probably will be behind Rashford, given that we don't have a midfield. I am excited about Axel I think he's definitely getting a chance and Bailly needs ...
Some clubs will still pay hefty money for him...we gotta let him go this summer and be done with it.
1 month ago
Probably the best game if not the best game we played in last 3 years, because this was a complete domination. I mean Chelsea didn't even have 1 shot in goal an...
Hell nah, this is mourinho we talking about. He will play fellaini instead of a WC winner. I gave up long time ago about him giving youth a chance. I just hope ...
2 months ago
I hope we don't have any injuries other than Jones. I hope Rashford will get some time to play friendly against Germany. He needs it more for his development. I...
I really don't want another "stubborn" manager after mou leaves.
I really want pool or spurs to be 4th if we win europa and leicester win champs L.
That was the cutest thing ever lol!!!! - hahahaah Banana!
Pogba s**t updates: I hate it when pogba tries his fancy stops and flicks and gives the ball away majority times. Just do the basics right for ffs. edit: he...
This wall is better then great wall of china. Daym!
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