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1 day ago
I agree. We missed Pogba big time today. In the big games, you have to show up and Luka didn't show up today. It's not like he didn't get a chance. He had a cha...
2 days ago
Luka officially a flop So there's no point in playing anymore. 1st place is gone already and we have to fight for 2nd spot lol. That just hurts to say. f**k thi...
That's the best we got given the suspension and injuries, but I have a feeling Zlatan will start tomorrow given that he hates Pep.
If everyone is in their peak form then this team will be unbeatable:
6 days ago
We have to win and I am sure Moscow have nothing to lose They will just go for it. All our top players need to play where city will probably not play their top ...
1 week ago
This Sunday Mourinho's tactics will come to play big time. This where he needs to show what he's got. We don't have 2 of our best defensive bones Jones and Bail...
I always said he's a squad player at most and at times I said he's not good enough for United, but damn so glad that he's doing well. I hope he will keep improv...
The keyword is that we were in front foot regardless of defending with 11 players it wasn't like the way it was against Lpool. There's a big difference and I ca...
If it weren't for DDG we would be losing this 6-3. DDG is our lord savior that's all there's to say. Pogba red card make sense to me. I know he went for the bal...
That I agree ^ His miss chances that he had till now he missed because he was simply poor and lacking confidence. Even the goal he scored a few days ago taking ...
Vaaz - Already calling him names? he will come off good man. We tend to forget that this is his first season in a big team. As he settles down with the pressure...
Stealing it from City forum: "82nd minute equaliser v Everton 96th minute winner v Bournemouth 88th minute winner v Feyenoord 84th minute winner v Huddersf...
Taking off Lingard after scoring that goal and keeping Luka in the field pretty much sums up Mou. We almost s**t our pants. Off to ARS hopefully, we will grind ...
2 weeks ago
Long way to go all starts with one bad game. They had a hard time beating hudders today and CONSISTENT tough times will come very soon and I just hope...
Hoping that Hudders will show up against shitty tomorrow.
Well, that's the thing...did you see the games we won 4-0 lol? It's not all games just like that...we are having a rough patch but will get through, but yes one...
It was difficult to watch, but we won lol. At least it's better than winning 3-0 first half and then giving out 3 goals to draw the game. Ask yourself that que...
Ugh this was hard to watch. Off to next game. It will take miracles to win next game if we play like this. Watrord away is harder then ARS away.
I have no concerns about our position in either competition, it's just the way played in some of these games what concerns me.
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