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We somehow managed a win lol. Luka as always doing good against a s**t team. They had more shots and possession, and we are MU, but will take it move on. As lon...
1 day ago
Absolutely loved the PC today. He protected Pogba and that's what he needs. Reporters had nothing else to say. Let's get back to form tomorrow and kill them Hud...
2 days ago
One of the best front 3 in the world. I hate y'all so much but can't deny how good Y'all are in the front. Wish our team played like this in the front. It's tru...
4 days ago
I feel like he loves Chelsea too much. He took the MU job so he can bring down the biggest club in the world so Chelsea can win stuff, but since chelsea f*****g...
I think I am starting to give up Playing players out of their place and f*****g stubbornness....hate him so much.
1 week ago
I hope Angel Gomes will come into the 1st team next year.
He's our best player. I would give him what he wants to get RM off our back in the summer. Our club can effort anything.
City draws won't help. City won't LOSE 3 games in a row, and we have to keep winning too. Given that our form against a top team is not good I am still not conf...
Lol, what are you talking about? if Mkhi was doing well we would have never let him go. And your club had no choice but to let Sanchez go because in summer he w...
2 weeks ago
Lol, it's almost talking to a child, but he just refuses to do what you want him to do and throws tantrums and refuses to learn. I mean this is just ridiculous....
@DaniPak - Let's say Sanchez contract wasn't ending, and he wants to leave you guys and go play for someone else. Y'all set the price for 100mil and we come in ...
The problem is not the loss SIF, but the way we lost against a top-6 side team. We drew against lpool that way, lost against Chelsea and now against Spurs all a...
Here comes a big game, and what will jose do? - play martial on the right, where he is more or less useless. - put mata on the bench( our most creative playe...
No doubt we would have won the league with the points we have already, but it's not even the loss I am mad about, but at the fact that we DID absolutely nothing...
I agree 100%. He just doesn't utilize what we have correctly. I will add to yours what he should have done: Subbing off Luka to bring in Rashford. Bring herrera...
F**k Mourinho f**k this s**t. I hate his mother f****r to like a guy like the tree (he even f*****g gave him a hug after he subbed him off). I just want a f****...
Mata contract extended for a year so more good news to us. Can't wait for tomorrow.
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