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I am just guna be positive here. First loss of the season. Let's come back hard and win against Swans and get back to winning ways. nope nvm WE ARE f****d.
12 hours ago
I agree with most things you said, and yes I completely agree Klopp is such a fool. I used to love this guy when he was in Dortmund and really wanted him to joi...
2 days ago
Vaaz - Because Mou is a stubborn piece of s**t. He's so not a MU type of manager (Sir Bobby Charlton agrees lol). We are doing good this season and expectation ...
I don't think Pogbas injury was ever that long like what we heard like 3-4 months, hopefully, he will be back against Spurs.
4 days ago
Chelsea lost to CP (worst team in the league). ARS lost to Watford I am just waiting on City to fall off the grid soon, hopefully sometime soon caz they just lo...
1 week ago
@Drogbalampard - Oh he can have Mars too if he wants...Earth is not enough space for him. I still remember one of the games last year he went and retrieved his ...
DDG deserve a statue of himself already in front of OT. I just rewind back the whole game to find that save and I watched it 10x, but it's NOT enough. 70% of th...
@Bondage -I Agree with you 100% man. Now the question is: Will we ever show up to win against top teams AWAY? No, It will never happen that's the biggest thing ...
Well that's mourinho for us. A depleted team can't defend for s**t the whole season made them look like a boss. I will take the point. DDG is the GOAT!!!!!
Lol, Zlatan never changed.
Lol, I miss this guy so much...Can't wait until January. Reporter: What would you do if a player didn't give you the penalty like Cavani and Neymar? Zlatan: I ...
Moyes at it again lolll “I have no ­regrets about taking the United job,” Moyes said. When you get offered a job like that you take it. When you compare m...
Oh no. We can't lose our top scorer from last game.
2 weeks ago
I don't blame you, man. She's just like my niece.
^probably the best decision ever made. We got Rashford and Martial out of that haha.
Long way to go man. I do think it will be city and us, but there will be like 6-8pts difference between 1 and 2 after like 20 games, before that I second what y...
LOL Shiwa and Vaaz old Etihad, bitch blue, and bitch red just made my fooking day hahahahaha.
3 weeks ago
On our way to the scums. Top of the table. Tragic week for city, I hope they play well regardless what's going on and put up a good fight, and have a draw.
I'm hoping he will start against CP. Every time he had the ball CSKA was shitting their pants. We might not need another winger if he's in top form like this al...
Kgb - It's not exactly trolling if I am telling the truth lol, I am guessing it will be proven further down into the competition. :)
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