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Hell nah, this is mourinho we talking about. He will play fellaini instead of a WC winner. I gave up long time ago about him giving youth a chance. I just hope ...
6 days ago
I hope we don't have any injuries other than Jones. I hope Rashford will get some time to play friendly against Germany. He needs it more for his development. I...
1 week ago
I really don't want another "stubborn" manager after mou leaves.
I really want pool or spurs to be 4th if we win europa and leicester win champs L.
That was the cutest thing ever lol!!!! - hahahaah Banana!
Pogba s**t updates: I hate it when pogba tries his fancy stops and flicks and gives the ball away majority times. Just do the basics right for ffs. edit: he...
This wall is better then great wall of china. Daym!
^Y'all are hilarious. As a rival fan this was to much fun to read :).
Rostov haven't played in a good stadium like ours and this might actually benefit them to show their real skills. We can't underestimate any team. Let's go one ...
2 weeks ago
Thanks for explaining everything I explained with better English Vaaz haha ^ :)
Okay here are my thoughts. We are manchester united. We just not guna qualify just to qualify we gotta win. Let's say we qualify for champions league next seaso...
For a moment I really thought damn that's the tree lol.
Random thought: Anyone think Fellaini looks like Novak Djokovic with an afro? lol
I just want us to win Europa league and be done with this season. No more draws hahahaah! - In a weird way I was happy yesterday we finally got something other ...
Kbrom - come back next week and say those exact words. I am with you lol.
^You mad or something? Zlatan literally just slipped and mud literally just came out and there's pothole everywhere.
Haters guna hate guys. As a manchester united fan, I have seen many comebacks, but this comeback was something else and gotta say if not the best one of the bes...
But this second half guna be nasty I have a feeling. They already tackling badly, and now they 1 down....ughhh!! take mkhi off after 65 mins lol
Lets just get a neil - neil here and get out of here. I actually don't want mkhi to play here.
Kids, I didn't meet your mother today, but I just witnessed the best game of all time!
3 weeks ago
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