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So no sign of this mediocre coach leaving this club yet? Well, lets expect nothing from next season then.. I already know what’s gonna happen next..We will lo...
3 hours ago
@SA, you make fool of yourself in every page you go...
3 weeks ago
Lol, can’t even win a copa del rey. Watching this clown managing our team makes me wanna punch my tv. Fkn sign deligt, we need a leader in our team who can ...
1 month ago
Valverde in the dressing room be like: “ Stay calm guys, we will win the Copa del Rey”.
Exactly, our whole squad had a fkn week off whereas Liverpool had a tough game in between. There’s absolutely no excuse to this shameful performance. Since Pe...
I hope Valverde rubs some oil on your ass after getting demolished by Liverpool. It happened last year, same thing happened this year. Stop acting like a child ...
Congrats! You guys deserve it. Now go and win the whole thing ffs.
Midtable coach gave them midtable mentality. This is ridiculous. The deserve it.
This page is not dead, the ppl only come out when they are winning a trophy or when Barca loses. Last year they all showed up when Real reached the Semi finals ...
I have a bad feeling about today’s game... If Roma did it, how come Liverpool who’s 2 times better as a team can’t beat us? Our defence gets so shaky when...
Real madrid is the team to avoid 😜
3 months ago
Again Dembele shows why he should be in the starting 11. The guy has lighting speed and very good at dribbling. We need his dribbling ability in our team. Valve...
7 months ago
Well why has he been sitting on the bench lately? He has scored and saved us multiple times, why suddenly he got benched for no reason? He has all the right to ...
8 months ago
When I critized his defending abilities, everyone in this form snapped on me. Great to see some of you, if not all, realizing it now!
This coach is just amateur, not good enough to be a Barca coach. Many of you might have forgotten that Roma defeat last season but I haven’t. Since then, I kn...
Watch Madrid get Roma and trushing them 8-0 advaning to the final. Winning the final for the 3 year in a row. We simply handed CL to Madrid and Ballon d’or t...
1 year ago
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