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After today's game I think they can do it. HARDDDDDDD
5 years ago
Looking forward for all italy's games even though I don't see them as favourites but at least we'll watch a beautiful football. to be honest I wanna see Juventu...
Will love to see portugal in the finals. and cristiano getting the Ballon D'or but a bit impossible I'll go with Spain as 1st favourites germany will get u...
Cheers for the add!
7 years ago
What do you mean? I have no idea what you just write and I'm to lazy to sit there and work it out.
Hi there MOER7, Here is the reality, both your topics were un-needed and by un-needed I mean that neither of them should be on footytube. The main problem her...
Well it was a sense of humour : / whatever
What i am doing ???? okay sorry ,,,but i am not saying bad words neither being racist i am just opening topics against barcelona supporters whats wrong i ddnt...
Hey there MOER7. I've got one more chance for you to read the guidelines of the site here and start respecting the guidelines or you will receive a ban. http:...
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i should go england
Ok sorry if i wrote something wrong
Mohammed we welcome you here on footytube and want you to enjoy your self but not at the expense of other users your thread was locked because your question cou...
Dont you think that most spain players were barcelona players : S : S Best team = Barcelona bullshit they should be disqualified for the bad performance t...
For the one who have any idea about this if the goalkeeper had a goal in his team ,,,,how many points does he get?????????
I am trying my best to not writE in CapitaLs :P dnt worry i won't again ;)
Hi there Mohammad, Nice to see you are very active on the site recently! Please refrain from answering questions your not quite sure of the answers and also tr...
Can i write in capitals on my status update ???:P
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