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MNtiburon just Watched
MNtiburon just Watched
I think Suarez killed the goalie after the 3rd goal.
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Hey Footytube do you post videos in english anymore? This is the EPL it would be in Chinese, Russian or whatever the hell.
MNtiburon just Watched
Good fortune for the 2nd best team in Madrid.
This was no lucky win for Bilbao, they outplayed Barca. Well deserved!
@3:53 look at Walbeck's left foot dragging BEFORE the goalie reaches out. Obvious dive
Or you're trying to gain an unfair advantage which is what he was likely doing.
MNtiburon just Watched
MNtiburon just Watched
They need to start sending players off after concussions like that. It looked very ominous.
MNtiburon just Watched
Why are all these highlights replays?
So refreshing to see an American step up like this. Bradley is gonna tear it up in Brazil next year!
What the hell were doing dribbling around the edge of the box like that? Looked like something a u10 team would do.
It's games like this that are going to make Lewa's departure hurt even more. I wish Dortmund would give him a fat contract and keep him a few more years. He's c...
Let me get this straight. Real Madrid sold Ozil for 42.5m and got Bale for 100m? They make Bear Sterns look like savvy investors!
Basel should never be underestimated. Remember they took down Man United two years ago in the Champions League. I love how they play with confidence against the...
5 years ago
All Deutsche final here we come! Hopefully this will give this Bundesliga more visibility.
Suarez and Tyson should compare biting techniques.
Klopp is a football genius. Best manager in the world hands down (sorry Fergie)
Hopefully this will give them a good kick in the ass for Shakhtar.
De Gea saved ManU, literally. This easily could have been a 3-1 route for Spurs.
Falcao has made Atletico Madrid and Colombia very very dangerous teams. Viva el Tigre!
He'll make up for his absence when they meet again. El Tigre es muy peligroso. RM won't be so lucky next time around.
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