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Goal or not, we still qualify.
5 years ago
Ibra can tell Joe Hart anything he wants...he is still an 8ft, long haired, overrated c**t.
Well done Wigan. I wonder what they have been putting in the pies for the last week. United and Arsenal in 5 days??
6 years ago
About time we won at Craven Cottage. This time is style. I love Rooney the little fat bastard.
Finally a decent solid performance.
De Gea should have got Man of the Match end of. He pulled off some amazing and vital saves, regardless of his shaky start.
Suarez is the next pantomime villain. You can tell, even before he joined Liverpool he cheated in the world cup handballing against Ghana on his own goal line t...
City played with 5 England senior players and United beat them with 4 England U21s. CITY FAIL.
Yeah winning the WOMEN'S world cup makes up for an Earthquake as devastating as that. Stupid fkn commentator!
I miss Beckham at United, He maybe old but that right foot is still LETHAL
Feel sorry for Blackpool, at least you were sent down by the champs and not Wigan.
This game has summed up our season. Play like s**t but get what we need from the game. f**k it! We're Man United. We do what we want! Johnny Evans out!
Micheal Owen: Wha...What's this?? Rio: Its a Premier League Champions medal. Owen: Is it??? Rio: Yes. Owen: I've never seen a...a...its...so...Beautiful!!! Rio:...
BREAKING NEWS!!! Ashley Cole reported Missing. Was last seen in Antonio Valencia's pocket.
They dont speak English in Scouseland
Today, we showed Chelsea how to be REAL champions!
At United, Ronaldo was the best in the world, then Real Madrid happened and now he is second fiddle to Messi, Some dream that is, Cristiano.
I Thought United were SUPERB! Should have scored 10 but Neuer is a class Keeper.
Catalunja, stop chattin s**t.
7 years ago
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