MIMiz is waiting for fifa 13 :)
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Alright alright fans i know everyone is happy but Goal.com Crush because of you guys good job lol congrats champions
6 years ago
If he does i dont see him playing before benzema :(
Just woke up and missed the match damn it but i am satisfied with the win going to download the match now JHEHE Y(^.^)
I love both i would rather both to stay
Damn it i really wanted barcelona to go through now madrid have to deal with drogdiver
Wednesday is going to be so good I am so happy that we beat barcelona now if only madrid can get the win on wednesday that would make everything into a big cele...
" guess my favourite player is cristiano ronaldo (reason i will not give) yayyyy " Doesn't it seem obvious that's it because of his looks ? :O :P xD
Don't mind we play next game home, I was really upset aswell especially since bayern didn't play that good & we went defensivly when we could maybe have won, I ...
Chelo today was a horrible day i was so angry at the last goal OMG i hope you are not as upset as i am i keep throwing stuff at the television when ever i see r...
I threw all of my popcorn and sandwiches at the Television OMG i am still so upset T.T ahhhhhh i hope we win at the santiago bernabeu :(
Wait what happen here?
Dropping your computer, forgetting the sites name huhu clumsy much ? :P Good to have you back nevertheless. Tomorows game is going to be huge, first time in a ...
Aww that sucks. guess you dont have free speech anymore. that is very sad (what will you do about it?) well i my computer blow up on me lol just kidding ( i dro...
Tomorrow's match is going to be so epic i hope everyone is preparing for it i have my popcorn bags ready, salad, sandwiches and drinks but worst things about it...
Footytube get's on my nerve, not able to communicate properly they won't show my messages before it gets checked & sometimes it takes hours :P ( Or it's just a ...
CHELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO how are you? I dont see you commenting on the madrid forum anymore what is wrong :( ?
I just choose to ignore yeahhh my laptop was down .... i forgot what this sites name was. and using my friends laptop for school work( no need ot know my socia...
Guys i know i hardly come by but i read something about a madrid fan going as far as to insult another fans mother is just going overboard please let us just to...
Hey sorry for the late reply i dont normally come on but NOW here i am ^.^ ahhhh i am sorry my self my mandarin isnt too good either i speak Cantonese Y(*.*)...
Hello nice to meet you i guess your picture is alittle scary.... :(
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