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4 years ago
I am glad liverpool scored early in the game, chelsea was fired up after that. cahill and terry were amazing and what a great performance by eden.
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Who? may be lukaku? I dont think so we need to find any other forward. I just cant understand what mou was thinking when he sent lukaku on loan to everton.
Dude Torres was amazing in todays game what you talking about? and not just today since the season has started he is giving all the effort.
5 years ago
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Peru Vs. Mexico
I really dont get it? How come benfica 'DESERVE' To win? Is it football only all about how much possession you have, how much chances you create, how fancy do y...
Rafa messed it up this time, poor sub selection.
Superman Cech!
Chica to cech: "what are you?" cech: :)
Brilliant header by terry. And fabulous performance by Hazard and Mata.
Such an a** you are neuer! always hated him. hard luck arsenal.
Credits to cech and de gea. Great game.
@AdnanBosnia Agree!!
Two Things apart from all the goals: the way oscar tackled willian and passes to torres was amazing, pure class. and hazard's pass to ramires was brillian...
@Poppyfields Ok so i still didnt get it. To be liked by everyone, do you have to create a history first and then you can play a decent football?? so lets create...
On those excuses of ‘reserve team’ ‘B team’ or whatever, simple question whos fault if manu thought that they could take Chelsea with their reserve team...
@paulsito there were always bad calls in the past, and i do agree that 80% of those were in favour of united, but i will take that as their luck, the only thing...
Move on, it happens. wednesday it is now.
You can see the difference between mata and hazad in that paas from mata to hazard(hazard scored). Mata isnt fast like hazard but he reads the game amazingly. i...
Moses was weak. lost possession several times.
@pardes5 are you stupid or some?
Mata, The magician.
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