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We seem to be playing better and better as the season goes on. especially when the coach doesn't put the team in a 4-4-2 formation we seem to get the job done. ...
1 week ago
LusoAmerican gave the Monaco v Zenit St Petersburg video a rating of 1
Yeah he's been starting these past few games the only problem with quintero is he doesn't track back, and with brahimi, jackson, quintero, and tello on the fiel...
1 month ago
And he was worth like a boss lol, real for sure over payed for him
2 months ago
Yeah i agree but maybe we can work a clause into the contract like madrid pay half the clause while everyone else pay 100% of it. but i still think neither of u...
Well he started out with a lot of mistakes but thats mainly because the coach made him play as CDM and he's more of a CM midfielder. however he has grown a lot ...
He is extremely clumsy which is terrible as a center back, he has created many pk chances for the opponent because he's so clumsy. for example yesterday vs brag...
I'm really tired of all of these draws we keep getting, its been 3 in a row and since we are playing braga next week i can see another draw coming our way lol. ...
So the comment below shows how excited i was because paulo bento left. but i have to say that i am even more excited with the list of players released today sep...
So what the hell is wrong with bvb that none of their top players want to stay at the club. first gotza left, then lewandowski, and now rues says he doesn't wan...
So Vertonghen rejected a new contract extension with tottenham, i believe he still has a few years on his current one. so my best guess as to why this new exten...
So paulo bento was sacked. and today september 24th of 2014 fernando santos a portuguese coach who was in the world cup as the greek coach was appointed as the ...
Thanks, thats awesome. and porto loves their columbian players. we love them so much we have put a porto academy in columbia, dragon force of bogota ( http://ww...
3 months ago
Well we have 2 players for every position which is great so in the league, injuries aren't a problem, (unless both players are injured from the same position at...
Im a very big epl fan so i subscribe to a few different people on youtube who have different views on what is their favorite epl club. and the few man u fans i ...
So nani is constantly playing and he's been more and more important for sporting. he is their heart and soul at this time for them and he's been amazing in the ...
Yeah they are, jackson keeps scoring (which is great lol) and brahimi keeps shining more and more. he will become a super star (in terms of football) I'm 100% s...
So using the current van gaal 3-5-2 formation this is what i came up with, and I'm almost 100% sure this is going to be the team. AND IN THIS SYSTEM I USED NO W...
The coach really likes oliver torres, mainly because he was his coach in the spanish u20 and u21. personally i don't like oliver especially since he isn't a por...
Nightmare as in: bad or nightmare as in: he gives his opponents nightmares ???? i think u mean "bad" but i would have to disagree, i find him to be a great de...
Dreamfooty league, join me guys lol username::::::::fcporto1 password:::::::::fcporto1
4 months ago
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