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So what i asked for went out the window lol. so apparently we are such a terrible team that playin with one more player for over one hour are we still looked li...
1 day ago
All i can say for todays game is good luck and show everyone what being PORTISTA really means. SOMOS PORTO
So i was so disappointed over the past few days in this squad that i had nothing to say. I'm not usually so pessimistic towards porto but I'm not as confident a...
2 days ago
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2 weeks ago
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I can say that i disliked TS from the first day he signed the 18 month contract, and he's just been showing what kind of a person he really is. but now I've bee...
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First i am really scared (or respectful) of sevilla. they have a fantastic team and that is why they are in fifth position in la liga. so i hope porto playes th...
I knew that the players would eventually get so physically unfit that it would show in the performances, and all i can say is that even though the loss wasn't e...
North, and hopefully not only will u cheer for porto but hopefully porto can bring a win from lisbon. how do u like Portugal? I'm from the north, very close to...
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He's been playing better week after week, he still has a lot to improve but i believe that if mangala leaves in the summer, porto will not have a hard time repl...
U guys probably don't care but porto won benfica yesterday for the portuguese cup, i guess its kind of a pay back (in your behalf) lol. http://www.footytube.c...
3 weeks ago
LusoAmerican just Watched
We played great first half and a good second half, i wasn't expecting such a good game from us because of the horrible game we played in the sporting stadium a ...
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Crazy game this wednesday and I'm really scared. i really hope we win this cup since the league is off limits already. best of luck to the boys and hopefully a ...
I don't think helton needs to quit maybe he can be our second gk? as for defour his passing is predictable, he brings nothing to the team, he has no fire. i wou...
4 weeks ago
Yeah and with the world cup around the corner no player is thinking of the team itself which sucks but its the truth. i agree about defour, i don't like how he ...
I want porto to get a team that they will win, which one i don't know. lol the one that we can win. lol
I know what u mean noir but porto was playing pretty terrible a few weeks back. I'm glad the were able to step it up.
Dam that sucks i got mad hype thought it might of been a pk for u guys but it ended up going to them in the end. i think the 3-1 would be a better result in the...
Lets goooooooooooo
And siggs is also playin
There are rumors that athletico want torres if costa leaves to any team so u can put him in the costa deal and get costa for like 24 or 25 mil. imo torres is wo...
No avb is just another money grabber. 8,5 mil euros a year sign me up. thats man city, chelsea, real, etc coaches type status lol
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