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Thanks, thats awesome. and porto loves their columbian players. we love them so much we have put a porto academy in columbia, dragon force of bogota ( http://ww...
4 days ago
Well we have 2 players for every position which is great so in the league, injuries aren't a problem, (unless both players are injured from the same position at...
Im a very big epl fan so i subscribe to a few different people on youtube who have different views on what is their favorite epl club. and the few man u fans i ...
So nani is constantly playing and he's been more and more important for sporting. he is their heart and soul at this time for them and he's been amazing in the ...
5 days ago
Yeah they are, jackson keeps scoring (which is great lol) and brahimi keeps shining more and more. he will become a super star (in terms of football) I'm 100% s...
So using the current van gaal 3-5-2 formation this is what i came up with, and I'm almost 100% sure this is going to be the team. AND IN THIS SYSTEM I USED NO W...
2 weeks ago
The coach really likes oliver torres, mainly because he was his coach in the spanish u20 and u21. personally i don't like oliver especially since he isn't a por...
3 weeks ago
Nightmare as in: bad or nightmare as in: he gives his opponents nightmares ???? i think u mean "bad" but i would have to disagree, i find him to be a great de...
Dreamfooty league, join me guys lol username::::::::fcporto1 password:::::::::fcporto1
1 month ago
So what happened during the game between motta and brandao for brandao to f*****g head butt motta like that ???!?!?!?!????!!!!!?????
So the portuguese league finally started and porto was the first home team to kick off the season. with a total of 12 new signings, still needing 2 or 3 more pl...
Yeah its basically official, Jimenez is an interesting player mainly because he has an average of a goal per 2 games. I'm almost 100% sure we don't have that ki...
Awesome thanks and just to let u know the porto president said he would like to get jimenez in porto this season and he would like to continue buying players in...
So jimenez is set to join porto, it seems to be really close and to be honest im super happy because im so done with them continuously bringing spanish players ...
Yeah, i see where ur getting at but reyes still has a lot to improve this last game vs genk he did terrible, but he's still young. however, i do trust my team w...
2 months ago
Ya, we've been linked with Jimenez since january but to be honest even though i have a large friend base that are club america fans i rarely watch their games. ...
So we have signed adrian lopez from athletico madrid. he's a really good striker, to be honest i don't think the striker position was our weakest, on the contra...
Hes a video of the first time Markovic played for benfica skip to minute 1:14 thats when he comes in.
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