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Alen (Alen Kopčić) from Las Vegas, USA
The Names Alen (not Alan or Allen Get it right) Born in Europe (Bosnia, Yugoslavia at the time) I lived through one of the worst WARS In our lifetime Finished HS in 2006 Workin ...
Alex13 (Alexander)
Alexis9 (Rogger)
Alger10 (Paul Alger)
Alisa90 (Alisa) from Tarragona, España
Hello people! Well, im 19 and im a big fan of F.C Barcelona and Torres! :) and, I also am the younger sister of Aaron and Diego. Don't know if Diego does own an account though. :) ...
Blackberry PIN: 21dc0759. The City hate is partially understandable in the sense that no one likes a bully buying its way to the top. It's also very naive, because let's face ...
If you disagree with what i say or the team i cheer for.... dont vote for rude... everybody is entitled to their opinion and the team they support. FORZA INTER
Andy14 (Andy Martinez) from Windsor, Canada
AniBhat (ANi)
Ant (Anthony Scally) from Wellington, New Zealand
Anubhz (Anubha Das)
I can be annoying at times.
Araz (Araz Zadeh) from London, England
Ari88 (Ariana Gorini) Canada
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