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@Moeb As an entitled Gen Y, I only accept to the best. ;-)
5 hours ago
Eugh lame.
9 hours ago
This is obviously how the voting system works, duh:
11 hours ago
Anyone else really like some of the Sevilla players? Krychowiak is a boss.
16 hours ago
I wouldn't go to the bush while Chelsea is there, Diego Costa needs his raw meat from somewhere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I thought the Greaseman had a poor first half? I would've assumed Bacca/Suarez would've been better choices? Or am I underrating him?
I can't wait for the raunchy Scorcese/Fincher biopic uncovering the scandal of 2022.
Mou won the League Manager's Association PL Manager of the Year. (Eddie Howe won the overall one though)
1 day ago
Players don't generally leave clubs when they get play time, are well paid with room for even higher wages, are competing and WINNING trophies, with lots of pla...
Kakuta is apparently going to sign for Sevilla. Emery is probably going to turn him into a beast.
If he joined Chelsea as 3rd choice, would you guy be worried? His career is seeming a lot like Torres at this stage.
2 days ago
Wow, teams used to concede A LOT.
I find it hilarious that Carlo was sacked because of "dropping off" in the league and his biggest criticism is that he is a cup manager. Yet you're replacing hi...
I'd never give him a contract, but a one year loan with 100k wages and small loan fee wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. I'm apprehensive doe. Also prot...
He shouldn't have been sacked, especially b/c no better options imo and injuries were the main problems. But 3 league titles since 1999 where he has coached Juv...
What about Gignac? He's a free agent right? I thought he was doing well for OM this season. I reckon he'd be a good back up for u guise.
3 days ago
Http:// Emery comes in as a late contender, acc to reports.
^ Rodgers, you brilliant genius. In 2 years you improved by 1 point! #TheSpecialCharacter
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