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His first ever brace (in senior football ofc :P )
Cliche, but the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. :D
His play with Fabregas is great, they cover for each other and whenever they switch positions, it makes it difficult for the opposition to mark either. He's bee...
1 day ago
Https:// Pretty cool pic of our last No.8 and our current No.8 :D
He starts out: “I don’t know if you agree with me, but the profile of the ‘man player’ you found in football 15 years ago is different to the majority o...
2 days ago
I actually really like the Note 3 size. I've been handling my mum's iPhone 6 plus and phablets have loads of screen real estate that makes it comfortable for vi...
3 days ago
OT: Any tech fans here? Anyone disappointed with the Nexus 6? Great specs, but it lost the best feature of the Nexus line, the price. Going to get get the Note ...
4 days ago
@Raj - They might not have a choice. His contract expires in a couple of months.
5 days ago
Even though he's not really your manager anymore, I think you guys would appreciate this:
1 week ago
What the updated UCL format would like this year: Based on last season's winners this years pots would be: Pot 1: Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich,...
Lucas Piazon, on loan to Eintracht Frankfurt from Chelsea, compared Di Matteo in the past to Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp, but Di Matteo decided on a lig...
Yup, I remember once Schurrle took the ball off him lmao. But they both indirectly create space for the other with their runs, so playing them both is vital aga...
For what it's worth, I have been on this site since 2010 and I have posted copious number of posts and have seen many mods fade in and out, but Zilch and KgB ar...
The money excuse still doesn't cover Wenger's failings against Mourinho. Klopp and Simeone both have had squads inferior to Jose, yet have managed great wins.
'Speaking of the Arsenal game, I genuinely feel it was the best Arsenal performance at Chelsea for a long time (conveniently forgetting the 3-5). I think they c...
@LGW - Because while all those players are true greats and will be remembered fondly, The output that CR7 and Messi produce and have been producing for the past...
Yes. Fantastic news. CHAMPION OF EUROPE :D
His smile is infectious. This is a short, yet sweet interview.
2 weeks ago
This has to be a troll. No one could even think about writing that without a menacing smile on their face.
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