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Started too cautiously, don't need to play Mikel and Matic at the same time against Watford ffs. Gomes MOTM... That save...
3 days ago
Agreed, this game kinda of suggests he isn't what we need full time.
Http:// Asked on Friday if he would still rule himself out of ta...
Tbf to them, everyone knows Klopp will improve them in the long run (I think) and they really have low expectations. Chelsea were expected to win the league aga...
4 days ago
Matic looks completely broken. Poor positional sense, subpar tackling and sloppy passing. Looks like a completely different player to the one that stood toe to ...
5 days ago
Au contraire, I think the club is still unsure of the replacement and that's why Terry made the announcement, look at Bazinga's post below.
You can't just wave your wand and then commence a transition. It's obvious we were looking for his replacement this season, yet the board was clearly reluctant ...
The club statement reads like damage control to me.
And also, 'If Terry signs extension and performs bad next season for first 10-15 games...I'm sure many will blame the club for not brining in someone young as r...
@Bazinga, It's not an assumption, it's what Terry has said. 'It's not going to be a fairytale ending, I'm not going to retire at Chelsea. It's going to be els...
FFS. Terry leaving dampens the positive mood of the game. The board made the decision to not offer him a contract, like, at all... In a season where we have fre...
6 days ago
Rumours that Abramovich and Hiddink really liked Traore in that U21 win vs QPR, so he might stay as third choice. This probably should have happened over loanin...
Iscodisco - He actually made more appearances for Sao Paulo than any other player in the squad, a solid total of 59! His injury problems appear to be well behin...
2 weeks ago
LumpOfCelery updated their profile
It is a Di Marzio rumour.
So many myths and so much bs. The fact of the matter is that if you blame Roman for recruitment, then it shows a lack of understanding as to how this club is st...
I don't care who it is, as long as we have a coherent team plan. No more purchasing misfit wingers and players with weak mentality. Realistic - Conte/Pellegrin...
Charitable decision mate to include Chelsea in your list of top teams :P Deffs do not deserve it haha.
3 weeks ago
The design of this squad is fundamentally flawed. Weak and short attack, yet an unimaginative central midfield. So many players suffer from mentality issues. I...
Omfg what the hell..
1 month ago
Um, look at the quality of football at Bayern. Under Pep, they have been able to completely dismantle teams on a consistent basis. It's about context. Pep has t...
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