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LumpOfCelery updated their profile
18 hours ago
On ESPN here are Wilshere's PREMIER LEAGUE assists: *10/11 = 3 assists *11/12 = Injured for entire season *12/13 = 3 assists *13/14 = 4 assists *14/15 = 1 ass...
20 hours ago
So when was the last time we had Friday Night Football in the Prem? The fixture congestion must get a bit annoying for the squad, but as a fan, I LOVE IT! Keep ...
I got Xbox Live Gold for a month, so I started playing Fifa 15 seasons and holy s**t. 5 games.. 5 REAL MADRIDS FACED -_-
2 days ago
Touche, wasn't really meticulously constructing the sentence.
JT's goal: Bardsley's challenge: Fab's goal: http://gfyc...
Some people said it was embarrassing to go back for him, I disagree, I say it would've been embarrassing if we DID NOT go back for him.
Also, woo. 40+ points. Safe from relegation.
Dominant + Clean performance. Well done Chelsea. Now on to West Ham :)
Great goal. Funny finish :D
Should have been a red tbh
:s > :)
TERRRRY. Yesssss
I've got a baaad feeling about this... but come on Chelsea!! Fabregas+Hazard need to be on point.
First time for everything, especially when it comes to ruining arbitrary stats lol :P
It is obviously some ways off, but anyone think we should look into a Fabregas back-up in the next two windows? We really need a tempo setter and creative spark...
1 week ago
@MUFC "Although I still maintain that selling Mata was a mistake by Chelsea, he is better than anyone at Chelsea at No.10 save for maybe Fabregas who is clearly...
If it were an away tie, I'd be hesitant, but we'll probably draw or lose at SJP and then destroy them at the bridge lol
Never said he was a winger, I said that if we were to combine the best attributes of both players, we'd end up with a super player lol.
Can we mould Schurrle + Willian into one super winger? :P
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