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Was a true leader on the pitch imo. His play really got everyone else into the game. Loving the linkup between Eden, Cesc and the beast.
2 days ago
^ Um, they do, lol. Arguably, Chelsea even more so, because we have had some unfashionable players over the years..
Agreed, BukLau. He's been a juggernaut in attack, but defensively he's let us down. I'd love to see Luis get his shot now.
But they'll bring up the Suarez and Torres sale as the reasons as to why they spent so much money. I think Tottenham have a point in that regard, because they ...
They're not mutually exclusive. :) You can score goals from both situations (See Bayern under Heynckes and for most of Pep's debut season, Ancelotti's Real Madr...
Don't jinx it!
So hopefully we see a midfield 3 of Matic, Cesc and Rami more often. It looked good.
^ Can't always outscore teams. Even the greatest teams will struggle with limited space and if you can't score AND keep a clean sheet. Then you're in trouble.
Who is the 3rd awesome player? Oscar or Cesc? xD
Welcome to Chelsea, Loic.
3 days ago
All over the place.
And they're back :D
I really hope we don't exhaust Costa :S I know we have Remy, but we still need La Bestia to be fit.
What an Un-Arsenal thing :P I was expecting the regular implosion/capitulation/clusterfuck that we've come to love.
Beautiful goal. Well done guise.
You don't need 2 DMs to stop a counter, just two CMs that are defensively astute.
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