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No bias but I thought it was a pretty swell season.
11 hours ago
You've pretty much exhausted all the top coach options out there lol. The only coaches that are arguable upgrades to Carlo have already managed RM, are retired ...
13 hours ago
I'm on the De Gea at Man Utd and Cech at PSG/RM bandwagon. Arsenal can have Sirigu or Casillas :P
If we're leading by two goals and we receive a penalty, would Cech take it? Seems a bit disrespectful, but it'd be awesome.
23 hours ago
Man. I'd give anything for that man in his peak at the Bridge. Cesc-Matic-Essien asdfghjkl
1 day ago
Saw this tweet on twitter, can't find it but thought it summed up how well your club has been managed in the last 4-5 years. Constructed by Marotta, Assembled b...
Lol, in the end even if Blatter loses it doesn't matter. Cut off one head, two more take its place. HAIL FIFA.
We need a finished product RW that's composed and clinical. Doubt Arsenal would accept.
Actually, he doesn't strike me as a "bad boy" or whatever. He dlligently plays wherever he is asked and has been improving since the beginning of last season. I...
Chelsea essentially put the nail in the coffin in their last league title contender. It's like a two legged tie in the CL, we may not have won per se, but we ac...
2 days ago
Missing a couple of digits.
Let's just make this thread the Mourinho rating thread? Positives: Played the football we needed at the perfect moment, we were tactically diverse, Hazard, Azp...
These are actually quite accurate ratings imho. Well done team!
I actually feel Rafa would do well at RM. I wouldn't expect league performance to improve, but maybe #11?
3 days ago
^ Dangerous mix right there :P
I'm not seeing any reaction here, most people have moved on to different topics entirely.
4 days ago
I think Cesc was worth 50m. Integral to our league title. Difference between 3rd and 1st. I'd day 50m would've been a fair-ish price in this market.
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