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Important point for the Rovers
6 years ago
Bunch of happy faces at Goodison, twas nice to see, and of course nice to see Chelsea lose
Well I'm as glad as anyone with Gunners' performance but is that a a piece of shocking defending from the Rovers or what. They genuinely look disinterested, bad...
What the hell was the Rovers defender thinking just before 1-0? Hmm dangerous looking pass coming my way, shall I take it, hmm no, i'll just let it pass me by a...
I believe it was the 1st division Smtbgame
Take a look at the one @, it's 7+ mins with English commentary
What a match! Three superb goals for Gladbach, each one uniquely superb in its own way. The title race is wide open.
...? What. No, sorry, I don't hate Nani, if that's what you're implying. Nor do I hate Ronaldo. But they do dive. So many people here on this forum who read so ...
Now that I've seen the sending off again, the replay reinforces my initial reaciton. DIVE. Nani is truly emolating his idol. Can u guess who it is? Great battl...
And yeah, the tackle would've been a straight red, thank you very much, i don't think even Stoke or Wolves fans would have any quips with that.
Still zero goals conceded at home. dubious pen decisions but the better team won. stoke will bounce back.
They have destroyed Inter!!!!!!!
Bydd popeth yn iawn!!! Super important victory, now let's get rolling. BTW Lita is a spitting image of Asafa Powell! And like the commentator said, good that pl...
Very enjoyable match! and this from a manutd-chelsea-disliker :). great goals and terrible misses, great drama. torres will get there eventually... apart from t...
Nah, just more american spit on native soil.
Yeah. Sorry, forgot to say, Wigan's third goal was just a beauty-full piece of football.
7 years ago
Jesus what a penalty decision at the end.... these are just tooooo easy. I mean it's practically a free goal if you go down at the GODDAMN EDGE of the penalty a...
Yeah great comeback by NUFC but they were helped immensely by a couple of very questionable decisions: second penalty (which wasn't one) and Nolan grabbing the ...
Okay here's an educated guess: It's Zlatan Ibrahimović! In the very likely event that my guess was correct, here's a new one: _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...
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