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All I saw was Alba running in to a wall... All Muller did was absorb the impact... Alba needs to beef up!!!
Agree... Alba needs to beef up!!!
5 years ago
@Ravensd Add them... 7 points clear for United... U mad?
Everyone needs to stop complaining. If the roles were reversed with the same calls made by the ref, United fans would be raging as well. Unfortunately it happen...
If we follow this logic England will win the Euros... Bayern is not an accurate representation of Germany as they have a variety of players... Do not rule Germa...
Really? United need to buy big? Even with this "mediocre" team they were up there the whole season. All they really need is a solid midfield that can compete wi...
Cisco... Do u even football?
Rannndino... Do u even football?
City were lucky we didn't take advantage of those missed opportunities and Ramsey... C'mon man!
6 years ago
U welcome... As long as City doesn't win the league I'm happy :)
Chicha is more efficient in front of goal... simple as that... it would be a bad idea leaving him out, but of course Welbeck's skill level is beyond Chicha's.
Vermaleen has a good shot.
Player of the Game; Puyol, just love seeing him throw his heart out and fight for every ball.
Too bad Barca didn't think so...
I was laughing so hard when Terry slipped xD
I want Gareth Bale's speed... :/
Doubt he is a ManU supporter... It simply was 2009 all over again... Could have happened to any team and there is nothing analytical about your statements just ...
@CarlosAlberto The 28th can be anyone's game... you can analyze it anyway you want but statistics go out the window (to some extent)... this is football... and ...
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