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All I saw was Alba running in to a wall... All Muller did was absorb the impact... Alba needs to beef up!!!
Agree... Alba needs to beef up!!!
@Ravensd Add them... 7 points clear for United... U mad?
Everyone needs to stop complaining. If the roles were reversed with the same calls made by the ref, United fans would be raging as well. Unfortunately it happen...
4 years ago
If we follow this logic England will win the Euros... Bayern is not an accurate representation of Germany as they have a variety of players... Do not rule Germa...
Really? United need to buy big? Even with this "mediocre" team they were up there the whole season. All they really need is a solid midfield that can compete wi...
Cisco... Do u even football?
Rannndino... Do u even football?
City were lucky we didn't take advantage of those missed opportunities and Ramsey... C'mon man!
U welcome... As long as City doesn't win the league I'm happy :)
Chicha is more efficient in front of goal... simple as that... it would be a bad idea leaving him out, but of course Welbeck's skill level is beyond Chicha's.
Vermaleen has a good shot.
Player of the Game; Puyol, just love seeing him throw his heart out and fight for every ball.
Too bad Barca didn't think so...
5 years ago
I was laughing so hard when Terry slipped xD
I want Gareth Bale's speed... :/
Doubt he is a ManU supporter... It simply was 2009 all over again... Could have happened to any team and there is nothing analytical about your statements just ...
@CarlosAlberto The 28th can be anyone's game... you can analyze it anyway you want but statistics go out the window (to some extent)... this is football... and ...
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