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Because Moses, Mikel are away, and Hazard is suspended....
5 years ago
I really like Chelsea, their players, and their style of play; however, they have a manager who seems to be missing his right hemisphere, his decisions are baff...
I hope United beat Madrid in the group stage 10-9 on aggregate..... while Rooney, RVP, Ronaldo, and Ramos get injured in the process
Like Mascherano......
Malaga, Valencia, Betis, Sevilla and Athletico Madrid could all lay any EPL team out including my Citizens
This is why I laugh when some stupid EPL fans ( Im a huge EPL fan too) think La Liga only has 2 teams, and that the rest would be in relegation were they in EPL...
I love Ivory Coast's Jersey!!
Patphil, you shouldnt be saying that, he is the frontrunner in terms of replacing Valdez if he is too leave, being Spain's 3rd goalie and all.....
We got OWNED!!!!! Lots of respect to Liverpool, they played amazing, kudos, they deserved 3 points, but Im grateful for that one point. Forza Anyone But United ...
Pcwalker, last I checked we were 12 points ahead of you, go suck a zygote.
You are just jealous cuz the gunners are Ugly! Haha :p!!
I tell you what, you have good perception, Clint Dempsey is my #8!!!!! After Messi, Balotelli, Giovinco, Pirlo, Yaya Toure, El Sharaawy
United fan talking about penalties, the irony.
Loool, I agree.... Its like a pig saying they hate s**t, the fact is they dont, they roll around it. I can't stand United fans, the most hypocritical fans out t...
Johny, are you high? Juventus would destroy Arsenal, its a shame that you make stupid backfiring comments like that.
Yea, we have alot of supporters in South Africa, luckily.
Lionel Messi is starting to miss some great chances these last couple of games, he could have had 3 or 4
Just like Liverpool.... haha just kidding
Theres a guy on malaga who looks like him eh, dayum I was shocked, I believe he was the 3rd sub
Thank you
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