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5 years ago
My fav EPL team beat my 2nd fav EPL team, yea!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Lucio, Ready for this monday's game? We have to win to secure a position in the play-offs. Lets go Net Assasins!
Ain't nobody had time for this
Haha Topshotta, I was shocked as was the rest of the world, but clapped at the end, brilliant defending, NOT PARKING BUS.
AC milan? No, they should change their name to MI Milan; MI standing for Messi Inhibitors
Oh come on Donjom, give credit to Milan, and Italian style soccer, which is the best! This doesn't mean Messi is a flop, hes still the greatest player today, bu...
Wow, they completely shut down Barcelona, and the little lion himself Lionel Messi; Italian soccer at its best, maybe now Serie A teams will get more respect! T...
Yea, but Madrid fans hype up Ronaldo too much as well
Hes become the aerial play-maker, to be precise.
Torres and Ba are different; Ba is productive either with controlling the ball from the air and opening up space as you said, but Torres is just simply useless,...
Lmao, who the heck voted, must be United fans wow, or a glitch from the site. Forza City!!!!!
Ironic comment Refchester Refnited. You two blokes should get married
I hope you guys beat Bayern for all Arsenal fans' sake, this is becoming a horrendous year for Arsenal
Yea, but he doesnt have the pace to compete at an international level IN COMPARISON to the Italian national midfielders of late
I hope you're right because back in Camp Nou for the second leg, you have 100% NO CHANCE of winning or tying.
Lol, Messi comments are omnipotent
Hes not just a poacher, yes he does have supreme passers, but if you watched the first half alone, hes also an impeccable passer himself, and I would kill to ha...
Messi is the best player of this generation, Ronaldo is sucking his nuts in 2nd
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