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A must see , ZLATAN loves kicking PPls asses, no wonder he scored this amazing Goal !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7gyhiRGG40&feature=fvwp&NR=1
HEART WON OVER STYLE :) Its good for Football, but i have a feeling that Barca is not the same Barca like last Season. Alt Real won it, i thought Barca playe...
All Pen's where correct i reckon :) As a Defender ur not allowed to throw yourself on the striker lol its simple logic isnt ;)
It was Clear to see that Ferguson wanted to give his Youngster especially in the defends a run up against a strong team. So Sir Alex, was qiet happy to get knoc...
You guys been Rolling too until now :D
Calm Down lol Steward on fault if he injures himself. Hernandez is allowed to celebrate in front of Chelsea supporters, i mean its an away game so the majori...
Am i the only saying that the Ref, did a good Job?? im a Neutral Guy, and i thought Torres should have seen Red, when he challenged Cleverly. Then when he dec...
Totally Agree With ya !!!!!
Totally Agree,, Welback is only good for a Wigan side, not Man U !!!!!
Well Ronaldo's style is more Attractive to watch then Messi's. While every kid dreams to be Playing like Ronalo, ( With Tricks and make Football Magic ), Messi ...
The fact of the Matter is, FERDINAND IS USELESSS !!!!! all three Goals concided was due to him ( and Nani as well with the first Goal ) I havent seen a Worse D...
I know Liverpool Fans must be dissapointed with the Ref's performance, but if you look it from a Neutral Point of View, The Ref was outstanding, and all Calls w...
A much as I love Man U, i have to say, glad they got rid of Berba, he a killing first touch, but still annoys me how Lazy he is. Glad he has left Man U.
Finally, someone who sees the Reality, and that coming from a Man U Support who sees it the way it is. Totally agree with you Mate ;).. Higuain, cant shoot for...
If u speak German then you would have loved him hahahaha
Both Real Goals where a gift from Valdes. He had to safe both of the Goals, Ronaldos shot was weak as, came right at him, but what did Valdes do?? exactly. Sam...
Nobody mentions how awsome raphel is... He was Wicked !!! Not only for his Goal, but for his work rate. And he seems to have got his emotions in control as well...
Hazard Will only be a good player until a defender of the oposite team decides to take his legs. Thats what we used to do in Germany when someone makes u loo...
Liverpool should ve made some Quality signings. They will def struggle. Should count themselves an achiement if they finish top Ten this season. Would ve been...
Having followed Podolski's Career, i think he will be the weakest of the New Signings for Arsenal. For me he istnt a Player who delivers when the expectation ...
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