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We as man utd fans choose the wrong times to get overconfident lol. And then the time will come when were forced to shuttup. I'm eating some humble pie right no...
3 weeks ago
I've lost faith. I'll have to change my dp very soon :(
4 weeks ago
Why just Rooney?
1 month ago
You guys consistently post unrealistic rumours on here for why? Just so I can get my hopes up and then it don't happen? Sky and BBC are the only reliable source...
I come in peace I found this interesting statistic on twitter but I don't know I it's true or not Luis Suarez EPL record for Liverpool: 102 appearances - 65...
So now the only difference between us and man city/chelsea is they buy world class players to buy the league. And we buy unproven players for even more money...
2 months ago
I'm referring to Luke Shaw btw
Having been a Nani fanboy for the majority I his career I am now resigned to the fact that he will never be the same player he once was and he shall remain inco...
Omg Fellani costs more than Fabregas -__-
Van der sar would have saved it
3 months ago
Rip Malcome Glazer
Roy Keane is so bitter it is unreal
Apparently Atletico can't lift the trophy until next season because a higher up is on break or some s**t.
I couldn't be more happier. Well actually yes if my team won something this season lol. But congrats. I'm saying this while their are like 2 atletico fans that ...
Lol what ever makes you feel better. Almost SLIPPED on my way to this forum
Class finisher? That's a stretch. Simple goals
4 months ago
5 months ago
6 months ago
7 months ago
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