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Fellaini is my scape goat because I think he actually sucks at his job I'm sorry. Call me a bad man Utd fan or whatever but that's the way it is. When someone d...
2 days ago
De Gea can't save my spelling though ^
Nani could save Bredand Rodg...actually never mind
Liverpool had 19 shots....at OT! That's kinda pathetic, no team should be having that amount of chances against us on our home turf let alone a poor Liverpool s...
3 days ago
Mate ther way we are performing all those matches are losable too
Just for the record I've been talking crud about Fellaini for 2 years consistently. It's not like I've been fickle and just picked one performance, even when he...
1 week ago
How many times do I need to say Fellaini sucks. You guys were all going on about him playing well but I still don't see it. I mean he scores 2 goals well done. ...
Where are you Fellaini fans?
Were out of the top 4 :(. Nani we need you
He seems like the same player to me to be honest. He still recluse and can't pass. But because as a team we are not playing as bad people don't see it
2 weeks ago
Nani is life. That is all.
3 weeks ago
Remember when you guys wanted Moyes as manager instead of Mourinho? Well I do
Anderson played a good role in our champions league win
1 month ago
I'm the biggest Nani fan on this forum. Once upon a time I fought tooth and nail against this forum saying Nani should start ahead of Young and Valencia and no ...
Really? Why am I the only man utd fan that sees Fellaini can't play CM. There was no one in the middle for the majority of the match. Herrera should always star...
This is what I'm saying though. I said this before this game but know one wanted to listen because hes apparently on form which he ain't. Why must we wait for h...
Why did we buy Herrera if we're not gonna play him. It's unfortunate that people actually think Fellani is better suited than Mata and Herrera
Yhh lets buy another CM from them just so we can bench him for Fellani
You see the thing is I just rewatched the man city game and I didn't think Blind or Fellani had good games atall, Blind is too weak and passes the ball sideways...
How do Fellani and Blind warent a start ahead of Herrera and Mata?
8 months ago
10 months ago
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