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Injuries injuries injuries. Just f**k it all
I'd rather him stay instead of us getting Cavani that's for sure
1 day ago
Ok it's confirmed since the beginning of time that Nani is better than Di Maria, but Ashley Young > Di Maria? Hmm
5 days ago
Nani is currently our 12th man. I demand 12 Nanis
6 days ago
Moyes would have asked Herrera to watch videos of Osman and Garreth Barry on how to improve his game
1 week ago
The messiah
^ A moment is not enough
3 weeks ago
I'd just like to take a moment to remember how important RVP was in our 20th premier league title win, Lest we forget already!
Apparently the reason English teams are failing to do well in Europe is because there isn't enough home grown talent in the squads occording to sky sports. I fi...
Almost had an orgasm when I realised that Nanis loan deal ends in June
Where's pedmar, was looking forward to his rant
Why not root for arsenal so we can garantee champions league qualification
Fair play
Nani is better than Di Maria. At least he knows where the throw in line is. PS Nani is Messiah PSS great win, great day, solid performance, Mata is a Nani c...
We are 2 points behind Man City and 1 behind Arsenal. We beat arsenal we leap frog them, we beat Man City we leap frog them. We win the rest of our games then w...
1 month ago
If we win the rest of our games we will end at least 2nd and that is a mathematical fact. Now actually winning those games is practically mission impossible c...
But I am estatic over the result. This was probably one of our easiest games out of the coming games however so I don't wanna get carried away
Nani is better than..oh wait. I'll be back next week
Lool. I remember Chelsea's forum at this stage, very entertaining. It was helped by us being top of the table. Boy how times have changed Nani is Messiah
Nani is better than Di Maria
1 year ago
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