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Holy s**t mate
2 weeks ago
Where did I write Madrid are bigger than Barca. I didn't even state there was an order in which I put the teams. Ps LVGOUT Barracuda obviously has something u...
Just give up bro
What? Barca fans offended by anything and everything? Nothing new here. I blame LVG. #LVGOUT
The 4 biggest clubs in the world 1. Real Madrid 2. Man Utd 3. Barca 4. Bayern The champions league semi finalists(potentially) 1. Real Madrid 2. Man City 3. B...
Strong finish to the season will only delude the fans into thinking we're not so bad. No were trash, let's lose every game and get the Dutch c**t to resign or f...
We're s**t. Good luck in the title race.
3 weeks ago
1 month ago
The first time move agreed with a SIF post since Fergie left PS Nani is still better than Di Maria
How sweet it is. #Exgreatclub
Nani is boss. That is all.
Rooney will play there regardless because he's our captain. He will play there win one leg
7 months ago
It would be typical of Post Fergie Man Utd to screw up this chance lol. Hope I'm wrong
Its all banter anyway
You're thinking way to far ahead. We could potentially end 3rd in this group
Kinda wish Benteke didn't end up at Liverpool. Just can't hate that guy
2 years ago
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