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Damn I missed this convo
3 days ago
Why do we need to change tactics against Cambridge? Shouldn't it be the other way around. This stupid Moyes Mentality is pissing me off and I'm starting to ques...
4 days ago
I said it when we brought Di Maria, I said it last week and I'll say it again and again
Nani is better than Di Maria
The day man city surpasses us is the day football dies
5 days ago
6 days ago
I don't want to swap de Gea for bale regardless. Even if we did we would probably play him in a wing back position which is just a waste
1 week ago
Because as far away arsenal are from us the better. Arsenal will at least end 4th
Nani >> Di Maria
2 weeks ago
Fellaini sucks man. I'll literally never see what some of you see in him.i accept that he played decent against Chelsea and scored a few Goals in matches that h...
Well I'm hearing that real fans don't like him anymore which is kinda harsh. Also to be fair you've taken more of our players than we have taken yours lol
We shall take bale of your hands in a swap deal. So where will you guys play Fellaini?
Check the latter pages
Valencia taking Nanis place made me cri erritim :,(
3 weeks ago
Maybe he was just tired of Ronaldo getting Easy tap ins and getting all the credit
Lol Wilson better than Danny boy my ass
But that has nothing to do with Anderson individualy. If you watch Andersons sole performance you can't tell me he was at fault
Anderson should start ahead of Fletcher tomorrow. I mean the whole issue with Anderson isn't that he's a s**t passer is it? Because that is what Fletcher has tu...
Better than Moyes. I'm much more confident going forward other than this time last season, not just because of our league position but the way LVG carries himse...
1 month ago
L like this guy ^
9 months ago
11 months ago
12 months ago
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