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LumpOfCelery (Ayyam Sobhan)
Think of it this way, in life, we all need to have something that inspires us, amuses us, entertains us and of course, loved by us! Now that's fun!! And for me, it's football, espe ...
Mejay (Xisca Jaume) from Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Me? well, I am nice to those nice, kind to those kind, conversationalist. FC BARCELONA ( 4-3-3 ) ______________________VALDES_____________________ ___ ...
Mrwinalot (Malcolm Md) from Washington, USA
Ntruf (Nicolas)
QuentinMax (Quentin Maxwell A.k.a DJ) from Forest Hills
Living a good life, enjoy reading books, love watching English Football, Big fan of Manchester United since 1997 and also Huge fan of England.
Rachid (Rachid) from Charleroi, Belgium
Raj11 (Cristine....)
RealMadrid4life (Billel Hariche) from Bethesda, USA
Reidscott (Reid Scott Anderson) from Woodland, USA
Rossonero (Ahmed) from Nasr City, Egypt
Viva Palestino, from the river to the sea! we will always believe!
RRajeev (Rajeev) from Flacq, Mauritius
Im a Cool to cool people.. Love football.... Doesnt miss any MAN UTD match.. Will never stop saying this: "Come on MAN UTD!!!!"
I like to eat, play footy, watch footy
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