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5 years ago
Colin Pascoe on Suarez celebrating his goal ''alone'' ''When we got the corner Carragher wanted to get in the box, but everyone was telling him to get back and...
10turan, complain about the officiating all you want but there's no reason to do so in response to a very respectful and complimentary post like this.
Somewhere on FootyTube
"display at Anfield. Brilliant." Look, I can take half-quotes and pretend like someone is saying something they're not too! But thanks, I think our display at...
6 years ago
How about for not being able to play with his team for 8 games, dipshit?
Would've been awesome if they had let Dempsey take the PKs as well :)
Hahahahaha, never thought I'd see a Chelsea fan try to criticize clubs for spending too much money xD
Had a good laugh at Barca's "boring football" Not everyone just plays direct to their forwards... you sound like Americans who complain that the sport sucks bec...
Great match from start to finish
7 years ago
Didn't think that was a penalty, but what can you do. I can't say much after that comeback
8 years ago
Ahahaha he pulled out the rope! Epic
9 years ago
Messi is f*****g great, love to watch him play
Wonderful game =) FT2.0 is looking awesome as well.
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