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Avb United were the better team!!We got 2 penalties..the first one was and 2nd one was harsh but we should have had other one in the first half.Our passing and ...
6 years ago
Who are the clowns voting united rubbish??United should have won.They had all the ball...fair enough vote de gea rubbish but unite played well even with most ou...
We dont need cahill....he gets turned to easy anyway.get baines in cos evra going backwards to the form he showed on his debut :) plus baines has a wicked pass...
I aint a carrick fan but he has being playing well recently but thats carrick he has good form in patches.Good run and finish.their keeper thought he was goina ...
@Dannymorales21 what are u on about mate.Hernandez wont be like vela...He should start with rooney even tho wellbeck playing well too.Hernandez was bought for 9...
Neymar needs to be bought....maybe Gourcoff and Baines for evra who has being bad for a while now
Evra to go and Baines to come in
Neymar needs to be bought with gourcuff
Neymar is sick and rooneys bicycle out of this world
So happy with that game,yeah we aint attractive to watch but we are damn hard to beat and will be a match for anyone next summer because we do play better again...
Forgot to add....Mascherano u are useless plus u always crying to the ref,id love someone to break u up(not bad way ;))....messi ur the best player ive cein
Pinto hasnt played and has being involved fighting twice now....if he wants to be no.1 then leave u tosser lol :)
Maschereno is always complaining to the referee....wat a pussy!!!Good game
The only reason D Gea is getting stick from non-united fans is because what happened before when schmeichel left and we fcked up on getting a keeper that time....
Anderson and Cleverley for sure,ive wanted them since preseason as our first too instead of buying at least till xmas but in some games flether will have to pla...
I watched the whole game and for a friendly it was well contested,BOTH teams played well but Man u deserved winners.Nani and Wellbeck played very well but was I...
Ive watched replay after replay,what a performance....hernandez best signing ive seeing in ages.park,giggs unbelivable.How the linesman never seeing the handbal...
Haha scousers ye will never learn!!! dont rate us but ye like to watch us instead :)
Who is voting Man united 'rubbish'???,probably liverpool fans :)!!!Man u played really well lastnite.Schalke did give us alot of space to play and pass the ball...
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