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Some are portraying it as being an agenda towards Chelsea. Pretty narrow minded if you ask me. I agree though, incosistant calls happen. Personally I just try t...
23 hours ago
Cant edit my post, but I guess what I was trying to say, Johny already said. +1 :)
Imho its pretty pathetic to think the referees have an agenda against Chelsea. Do people really believe this? Every fanbase can probably dig deep enough and fin...
^Haha didnt see you had written the lyrics to "Let it go" beneath me :D
2 days ago
HAHAHA :D Let it go, let it go.
Couldnt agree more with your first reply C61!! Well said! :)
1 week ago
Have to agree on the Matic - Mikel bit. Cant we go for Ramires - Matic? Really missed Oscar today :(
I actually felt it was a pen. Was sceptical at first, but when you see it with replays Kompany clearly sticks out a leg and blocks the path of Nacho (?).
Anyone care to link on my wall a site for streaming? I used to use wiziwig but seems its taken down for legal reasons. Not sure what other good sites there are ...
Victor 2.0
3 weeks ago
@LOC Haha that made me giggle :D
1 month ago
Im with Bluff on this one, I feel like ive heard Mou all my life? Lol :D
We should just focus on beating Tottenham, everything else comes as a bonus :)
Thats some conspiracy theory right there, lol.
2 months ago
Is Sanchez a better play than Suarez? XD
Lets not forget the 70 minutes before the last 20 tho, lol. City had some pretty obvious penalty claims aswell, combined with good opportunities.
9 months ago
10 months ago
11 months ago
12 months ago
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