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We won the game against Arsenal, why is everyone crying like bitches?
1 week ago
@BluFF "Both love to cry and moan about everything". There sure are a lot of Chelsea fans moaning about s**t
2 weeks ago
Put a f*****g spoiler on watching season 3 of house of cards and you just spoiled the end.................
1 month ago
Damn! I love it. Turn him into a machine Jose ;)
4 months ago
Is 'rent-boy' really an homophobic slur? Asking out of curiosity, I had no clue it was. I always thought it referred to being a plastic fan or something along t...
Dont think Oscar will be on his way out? Not sure about Rambo either :o)
^How do you know he wanted "an easy ride"? Didn't work hard? Must be assumptions. I dont really mind letting players go when our club is as successful as this y...
Messi would rip any league apart, lol.
5 months ago
Chelseafan220 8====B
Haha holy s**t, the salt on that forum. Sea of Salt 8)
Tillykke homie! Ta deg en negerbolle brur.
Rofl great logic. pace > everything
^lol :D
7 months ago
Haha Azpi rocks :)
Wouldnt really compare Neymar to Diego Costa. Neymar and Hazard sounds a good comparison to be honest.
This guy just broke through the ranks in Ajax. Amazing talent. Would be absolutely mouth-watering if we could get him, but I heard Barcelona, Real Madrid and PS...
Cahill played CB both halves, if im not mistaken? :o
It pretty much is :)
Haha I love these conspiracy theories! This is some more bullshit, haha.
1 year ago
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