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LokiXIII wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Give me a break. This is from the same guy that a month ago said he offered to play for United for free when they decided to release him? Sounds more to me like...
6 years ago
So because I have Roy Keane as my avy my point loses its validity? Yea, Roy had some wild tackling, but there's a huge difference between wild tackling and clea...
There are few players I honestly think are trash players -- Ashley Cole, you are one of them. He was clearly never going for ball. I mean, he even swings his ri...
He's returning to training this week, man. Was just a shin bruise - no breaks/fractures.
Somewhere on FootyTube
What are you talking about? No one has forgotten about last season...at least not people that were around for last season (can't much speak to all the bandwagon...
I agree, as well. Torres caused problems all day, had some great runs, etc; he makes one mistake and everyone jumps on him. It was a horrid miss, but neverthele...
I voted too early (on Nani)! That Modric goal was stunning.
Blazin, too many people on here look at a scoreline and vote. No point in even telling them to look at more than it, because they frankly won't. I'd be willing ...
Now, if he has just done that when he rounded De Gea... He's looking much better this season, so far (*knocks on wood*)
Somewhere on FootyTube
Every time I read boo on here, all I can think of is Riley from Boondocks.
Would be funny if he didn't believe every word of it.
Agree with ya, SuperSpurs. This wasn't a B-team. It was missing some players that usually start, yes, but it was far from a B-team. Like someone else said, the ...
@Taim2Dai -- I'm well aware of the amount of money United pull in. It's not just got to do with how much money the bring in annually it's also important to look...
All that sh*t-talking from Davies about giving Phil Jones and De Gea a "good working over" and then puts in that bush-league performance? Both of those tackles...
Couldn't agree more, Saint. Nani is a class player, but he gets into these moods where he holds the ball too long and is just plain lazy. As a fan, it's infuria...
Barca and Real's annual income is crazy, man. Was reading an article that said the TV deals alone for Barca are something like £120m/year while other big teams...
I kind of disagree. I don't think United was at all "weakened". The only players that didn't start in this game that started the season were Rio and The Beast, ...
Merte as well? I thought they had Santos and Park, but were just "in talks" for Merte right now?
Haha, I was talking more about his horse-face. Wasn't meant racially or anything other than...well, like you said, it fits.
I miss ole Jar Jar Binx in European competition. He was so fun to watch because he was always willing to do the stupid, over-the-top moves during play at speed,...
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