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Missed the game due to work, but did Torres really play that bad. I mean was the overall team being dominated or it was Torres missin' a lot of good chance? Ho...
5 years ago
It's plain and simple the team that crosses the ball over the goal line the most wins now, if you believe there should be some sort of judges awarding points f...
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Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ8xf6dnYKI You mean this?
6 years ago
That feeling when you celebrate the ramires goal with random french chelsea fans, priceless! Btw that was wicked goal.
Damn cn't wait for the EURO, Croatia is already strong defensively if Jelavic and Modric can get their act together they should be very dangerous offensively. ...
Arsenal kept pushing but a spirited Wigan side prevailed. Chelsea could of also easily lost against them with the offside goals we scored. Verma's goal was pre...
Started risking bets on wigan since their rise to great form and it paid off =) aggregates were underating wigan just had to take a bite off it hah Game coulda...
Was so pissed when Mata missed but then the goals started comin' I'm so pumped for barca game now hehe =D
Don't forget how they dropped from CL. Cough* Cough* BASEL
Generalizing too much man it was a harsh call but hey we got that handed to us in the past as well.Since when complaining to the reff brings anything shoulda ju...
Gota admit as a Chelsea fan the penalty was a harsh call but for the red card it's the guys own fault if he hadn't complained to the reffs bout the penalty he'd...
Napred Bane!! Hat's off to the workhorse Torres!
Quite enjoyed this one, and the game could of gone either way if you look at Napoli's deadly counterattack had me almost s**t my pants a few times. Gota give p...
Barca coach tells Messi to dive as well, many instances where he gets carded for dives especially, inside the box. It just chelsea fans have the decency to poi...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Couldn't of said it better, focused finish and superb assist by Drogba :D
Congrats Drogba on your 100th goal, pure class!! Whether you are on the bench or in another team in the near future the memories will remain!
Somewhere on FootyTube
@Cruyff14 Way to shoot yourself in the foot, damn bandawagoner..
Of course it's the coach that gets blamed for all this, thing is players like recently acquired Meiriles (selfish 0 creativity) and the has no clue how to defen...
No doubt bout that Kolarov should b in starting 11 always! He's assisting many goals for Serbia too.. I'd like to see Savic play more tho the kid has talent.
Oh yeahhh finally showed some spirit, nice feed from Mata btw!
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