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5 years ago
If it wasn't for the net, Sergios shot might have headed for the moon again! :D
Did Jesus just score a penalty?
Congrats on beating a "weakened" Norwich side. I'm Matt93, I'm so cool!
Great read Cheshire! I would hardly call Newcastle weakened when they have Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Ba, Cisse, Tiote, not to mention playing on their own patch. Whate...
7ReDDeViL7: Ya, that would work too. That's right Matt93, change the subject. It's ok. The doubt will set in, as you start knowing you might look like an idiot...
Agreed Cjaystacks. Chelsea's tough weeks are yet to come and if they stutter, I'll be ripping you apart Matt93, so I'd keep it shut or you might be looking even...
When we have all our first team players fit this diamond formation is going to be great. rafeal-rio-vidic-evra --------carrick------ valencia-------young -----...
Why does Saunders look like he is going to cry everytime he lets a goal in lol?
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Lets hope that whoever gets him he doesn't have long spells injured on the sidelines like he has done in the past. If city pay him that much and he is injured f...
6 years ago
We can hardly talk, having Roy Keane as our captain in the past...haha!
One of the greatest ends to a Premier League football season I have ever seen. I'm a Man United fan, but I will say congratulations City, only champions win in ...
Well played City, very well deserved. United have done well this season considering the injuries they have and the rebuilding they are doing, but don't deserve ...
Maybe the "philosophy" that barca used vs Chelsea wasn't the right one? They went in there using their "philosophy" expecting to win, because it usually works, ...
Paul Scholes. He scores goals. Mario Balotelli. Throws away championships.
Paul Scholes. He scores goals. Mario Balotelli. Throws away championships.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Haha! TWAT
Did she just call it football? WOW amazing!
Ohhh...How I'd love to see your face if Messi gets injured in the next few weeks lol. Then your little golden boy can watch when they are useless in front of go...
Could the semi-final against Barcelona be the defining moment when Torres brings back his career. Oh...what a story that would be!
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