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Quality game! leave suarez alone guys = Remember We only hate mancs! We only hate maaaaaaaaaaaaancs! WE'RE NOT RACIST! We only hate mancs!
6 years ago
Maxi has been absolute class, what football have you been watching O_o and hendo has not been playing all that poorly by any means. Also, I understand Carroll ...
Are you really implying there are only two clubs with a higher stature than Tottenham?
1. there is actual contact when Suarez goes down for both the penalty and the red card (which wasn't a red in my opinion). Busquets flops when there is nothing ...
He coulda went down in another incident before that when he skipped through a challenge and had a left footed shot parried but he didn't, and the fact is that h...
7 years ago
Shame mourinho's right bout your club too...
You're clearly suggesting that diving is a good tactic, and also encouraging it. in my opinion referees should be less strict in order to quell fools like busqu...
I see all these arsenal fans saying "oh we couldn't get past reina omg we're so unlucky!", but other than that one break from RvP I can't remember a time when r...
I haven't got a clue why everyone has been getting on dzeko's back. The guy has been at a bosnian club first, then a czech club, then a german one for 5 years (...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Actually its not cheating. if you consider a foul when someone had you beat and is going into a dangerous position to score a "professional foul" and you get a...
"not even a foul" lol. Google what a foul is I don't have time to explain it to you.
Lol babas, you gotta be kidding. you see that suarez scored a brilliant goal right? right before cattermole makes a tackles and he didn't dive. lets now look a...
Had King Kenny been our manager from the start rather than hodge (who is a decent manager, yea, but he has a low club mentality and wasn't fit for liverpool) th...
Carlo Ancelotti can't tie Mourinhos managing shoes. Clearly Mourinho is the better manager. He won it with porto, Ancelotti was on the brink of losing his job ...
Noone can score on a 6-3-1, but how does liverpool get the 3 best opportunities of the match (1. rodriguez 2. mereiles 3. aurelio) and we even scored? clearly y...
@Msaad, You mean "liverpool are not even in the champions league and dont look like CHELSEA will be in it next year" its ok mate, we all make typos.
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