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Best part of this game was Fabregas crying after the game HAHAHAHAHAHA he had two chances to score and he choked!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2 years ago
Where did my friend go? Mamma Mia.
3 years ago
1. Torres 2. Rooney 3. Tevez 4. Drogba 5. Bent
We need to get either David Villa or David Silva or BOTH that would be ideal, but at least one, then we'll get Pienaar also. Liverpool didn't give it their all ...
We want them to win, we're gonna play our bum players i.e. Lucas, Insua, etc.
Who cares, next year Liverpool need to and will focus all of their attention on the Premiership. Next year we get number 19 MORE TITLES THEN THE MANCS!!!
For about a year and a half now. Good outcome for Chelsea today 7-0 as long as the Mancs don't win I'll be happy.
LOL Man nice mix up between English and Italian :D How long have you been studying it?
Dis* mama mia it keeps changing it for some reason
Mi dis piace* scusi scusi
Sorry mate it took so long, haven't been on here on for a while. Yeah it's a bit difficult learning italian but mi piace italia. Mi professore e molto buffo e i...
Barca are gonna lose to inter and they wont win next year either so Barca and Liverpool will have the same result no UCL title so whats the difference if we don...
4 years ago
Well since Liverpool have been out of the title race for a while now, GO CHELSEA FC!!!
Well I'm glad Messi showed up for this game since he's sooooo good, he scored 5 goals and had 9 assists. Oh wait, he didn't score, he didn't get an assist, matt...
Sorry mate, it took for a while to get in footytube again. I dont know. I just want to miss my site, i think :) thanks for askin btw, how re you?
Oh i see, do you like italian? man i'm not italian and it took me 13 years of coexistence in the italian region to speak it fluently. I cannot imagine how it w...
Well I'm Italian origin but I live in London. I'm learning Italiano now in college. I'm rooting for Arsenal against Barca, and I'm hoping Arsenal or moreover Ch...
Hey i added you a couple of days ago! Sei italiano or you're just english trying to learn some italian? :D
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