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Henrik Mkhitaryan > Steven Gerrard
4 years ago
WOW man this hurts.... seriously this season is a nightmare... whats going on? Its bad news after bad news... GOD I MISS XABI :( God I dont even see the spark ...
WOOOHOOOOO WE always show up in big games like this one.. WOW i love it incredible performance. Give El Nino one shot at it and he will finish it wow what an am...
Lack of finishing causes lack of motivation and determination... look at Lyons second goal our players are not running back.... its sad, but Rafa has to make th...
Because he knows that he cant use it as an excuse because of the fact that his team is really playing terrible footy at the moment.
Wow without torres and gerrard we really got a big issue on our hand... Yossi and Babel have to come up big along with Voronin up front
Great job from Armenia... gave Spain a good game... GO ARMENIA
BTW... any news on whether Mascherano is fit?
Its gonna be an amazing game tomorrow.. I have a feeling Torres is going to come through at Stamford Bridge... Common LIVERPOOOOLLLLL
Yup early or not it was brilliant...
Wow some of these are just harsh amazing plays that lack the final finish.... Great topic :)
Cristiano is scoring at will right now looks like he scores in every game for Real... If Torres can be fit im sure he can be up there and maybe even win it.....
Im hopeful of Mascherano's fitness it will be huge... Common you REDSSSSSSS
Benayoun too very small and thin, but he wins a lot of headers and last year scored a big header vs Real in the champions league...
Sami Hypia was great with his head in all his years at Anfield
Typical reaction from a fan of the small club always getting aggressive in order to defend his team... Relax buddy I dont have time to argue with the small club...
Noone mentioned Henrik.. True hes great
WOWWW what a sick videoooooo Gerrard the great!!!
LMAO brilliant...
Lol I have a relative who looks exactly like Robben... I did not ever think of Mcenroe though... Nice
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