Liverp011FC (Lenny Aung) is hoping that we could squeeze into CL
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7 months ago
Where to get Liverpool kit in US? any reliable website?
Guys I dont think Asap think is working for us.. I didn't get to catch the full match but the second goal was simple mistake from two CB lake of communication.
Could it be another Assaidi2.0?
Wenger nose is all over this young talented player.
Liverpool player will never get named.. it is just dark age for us.
Not sure if anyone has post this yet, sorry in advance Farewell letter form Renia "But if I have a complaint, it's the way I'm leaving. I think it's natural t...
Reminded me of countless time i had flipped my table.
9 months ago
Boring game
11 months ago
1 year ago
Min ga la ba (burmese)
Sub lucas!... shelvey / Sterling would be nice sub
Lucas and Enrique are performing poorly. I hope a half time talk could alert both of em.
I missed one game and that one game became a hot topic. WHY U DO THIS TO ME EVERY TIME LIVERPOOL!!!
So many alternative... what happened to our depth issue?
Philippe Coutinho in the house!!!!!
So the Sturridge thing is true?
That Henderson...
Comeback KING!!!!
suarez!! why you have to keep my hope up?
Rumor said we are going for this guy, true?
Guys,I missed the game and dead boring now.. can anyone inbox with the full match download link pls... TY
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