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Berbatov is a great player but even Fergie would admit he'd rather have Tevez than Berbatov, get real
7 years ago
That ball in by Baines was just ridiculous. Great play for them. Chelsea is asleep at the wheel right now
Like most people said, Balotelli is a lazy f****r and Tevez is a legend, but needs to come down. Silva plays with class as always, as does Kompany. Decent gam...
Very proud of my squad today!!! Really showed the attacking play that everyone said (including our own fans) didn't have. Tevez is amazing per usual, and Silva ...
I guess you are admitting Liverpool are weak because we beat you guys 3-0 this season
I thought those penalties were bullshit honestly but no denying some good saves and that final goal for Stoke. Despite their rousing performance today I can't...
Alot of respect to Bolton, after a performance like that to tie for 5th I think they are seriously a force to be reckoned with. Same goes for Stoke tying for 6...
Yeah I think this proves that Terry and Lampard, despite their age, still make the difference between Chelsea being just a top 4 to being the consistent champio...
Not easy to win at Craven Cottage! A rousing performance for us Blues
Great goals by Pederson
Nice score by Evra. Can't stand the rags but decent performances.
Great game, no surprise to me that Spurs had the heart and tenacity to fight back. Bale, Van der Vaart, Defoe, etc. These are players with true class and heart....
Messi = absolutely incredible. God Almeria is shite
City play like s**t? Say what you will about the money, but you've got to be kidding with me. We delivered Chelsea their first loss this season, fair and square...
Agreed - he should have scored that last goal. Chelsea is a bit underwhelming right now; We beat them (admittedly at home) and now can't beat a Villa in transit...
Solid win; bad call but hey it happens to the best of us sometimes. Happy to see us in 2nd!! Never thought I'd see the day. As for Johnson, he just keeps gettin...
COME ON CITY!!!!!!!!!!!! TALK s**t NOW!!!!!!!!!! So happy to be a City fan today... Can't believe it....!!!!! So sick of people hating on our squad but now ev...
Shocking. Great London football. Both of these teams are not frauds - just amazing. Wish City could be mentioned in the same breath as these folk but currently ...
Good to see Bent on the squad finally... should have played for England in the world cup... what a surprise, he owns!!!
Tough game to swallow, but even as Brucey said, it's happened to the best of us. By now I don't even mind the hate we get, even though most of it is unwarran...
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