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I'm not going to pretend like Chelsea played their best game ever.. but how in God's name can they have so many downvotes (or votes for 'Rubbish') and Newcastle...
LittleC gave the Manchester United v Sunderland video a rating of 4
I do not agree. Not all players go to ground that easily. It was definitely a dive.
LittleC nominated E. Hazard (56') for Goal of the Week
Guess you're wrong Kristian :P
5 years ago
Pshh.. And how long are you a Barça-fan? Like a past "friend" of mine that is changing his mind every day when someone wins or loses? I rather be supporting a...
I agree with the most part accept the last one :D My brother is supporter for Liverpool so it will be not only a clash at Wembley but also at home that day!
Well I thought my 'nobody from Barça appealed hand-ball' would be a bit satisfying but maybe they were to busy looking at Torres' run to appeal; I can't really...
Me too! Not because of the headlines but more because he KNEW what he was doing and also had in mind that it is very hard for Chelsea to reach the final and tha...
Indeed Ilikeairports, we totally misunderstood. Good that we both could clear things up! Keep supporting your team well because you seem also a very serious fan...
Me? A teenage fanboy? Dude c'mon.. I was just discussing with my brother how RM had such glory days and then 9 years of nothing. If RM will be big again, they w...
I don't know.. Barça is Catalan and for them that's not the same as Spanish.
I'm very interested in your analysis. That it will prove that you're always right is something else :P Because you can have as much statistics or examples as yo...
Don't know.. I was pretty mad after he got his red card because he knew the ball wasn't anywhere near and if the ref or assistents saw it, that he'd get a red c...
MOTHER OF GOD never saw this from a Barça-fan! Too bad you will be celebrating for Ronaldo & RM in final.
Do you have eyes in your head? I'm not talking about the offside, but the hand-ball. A penalty? It was against his chest. It's not because whole the audience in...
Just fantastic! He knew the keeper was out of the goal; too bad he still got it though :P
I think accept from Terry (who knows he made a mistake), I think we have to congratz whole Chelsea because man, every player was very strong! Drogba caused some...
You know I was thinking the same while watching the game. Never really looked at the assistents previous games until the commentator said: there is Eva, the wel...
Same thing Real did at Camp Nou and they are now running for the title. Only way to win against this chemistry of Barça.
You have one mistake in my eyes: Terry's foul WAS a red card. Still don't know what got into his mind and he even said after the game: I let my team down. But s...
Wow; first I want to give credits to your very long comment. Second: I don't know what goes on behind the scenes at UEFA, so I'm not going to judge. But I think...
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