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I'm not so sure about that. This is a really weird situation. Lukaku is a striker that attacks space, and needs a lot of work on close control, making runs, and...
3 hours ago
@Moe66: Lukaku is all of 1 inch taller than Diego Costa. lol
Basically, what Moe66 is saying is, Dzeko, Negredo, and Jovetic are ambitionless oafs, happy to collect a paycheck while playing second fiddle to Aguero. Mate,...
4 hours ago
I agree with most of what you're saying SiF, but outside of the 28m, I don't see too many positives out of this deal for Chelsea. 1. That money will have to be...
6 hours ago
They look the same age tbh. Lol.
Found this in one of the WAGNH comments: "Ironic how Lukaku who was supposed to replace Drogba, got replaced by Drogba" -_-
8 hours ago
Fernando Torres kills more strikers at Chelsea than score goals.
Costa will be an even bigger flop than Willian.
Lol, troll or not, if there is one thing an Arsenal fan should not have a pop at a rival fan (especially Chelsea) about, is trophies.
9 hours ago
More than a 100m for unwanted players. Not bad eh? It's sad that Lukaku is going. It makes the decision to sell Sturridge even more baffling now. But, I guess...
12 hours ago
If a young player is good enough, he will play. There's no point playing young players for the heck of it.
1 day ago
I just read this on wagnh: "If he'd somehow fallen unconscious dead mid-run, before trying to do ... well, whatever he was trying to do there, the ball would h...
3 days ago
Fernando Torres; he outdoes physics.
Eto'o was Chelsea's best striker last season. If he has half as good a season as Eto'o, being Chelsea's 3rd choice striker, we will have won the league.
Roman Abramovich is one of the pioneers of FFP. After he took over at Chelsea, he mentioned that although this project was not about making money, he'd like the...
4 days ago
Http:// All 157. You're welcome. :p
5 days ago
The premier league, on the whole, is putting up a good show in this transfer window. Some really quality signings.
Please UKBA! Please give me my visa! I might yet be able to see the King in action! Didier Drogba tralalala! Didier Drogba traaaalalalalala! ..while at the Em...
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