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Disgusting and gutless.
4 days ago
Utter garbage.
Chelsea fined 65000 as against 35000 for WBA. The extra dough must be reward for not having sent Yacob off. "I told...
1 week ago
If Ivanovic gets a contract extension after that defensive performance on Everton's third goal, then this board needs to go home.
3 weeks ago
The number of times the attack breaks down when the ball is passed to Ivanovic is ridiculous. Yes, he has had two assists these last two games, but those really...
What an atrocious performance. A shout out to the referee too. Anthony Taylor is the best one out there.
No bias in the refereeing at all. :)
4 weeks ago
Why so down on Pellegrino? Has shown the ability to win the league title, and is always there and thereabout.
1 month ago
@Phenom: "he set Chelsea back few years with the amount of quality we lost and left the new manager with a worse team than the one he inherited." https://www.y...
Could not have said it better. Unfortunately, a lot of Chelsea fans on this website prove the stereotype to be correct; fair weather, fickle, ungrateful. Those ...
What is also very evident, is the quality of questions asked. So much better than the tabloid crap British media.
2 months ago
All I can say is, your ignorance and arrogance is awe-inspiring.
I leave the evidence hunt to you. As a hint, visit any natural history or science museum, or look up google. Like I said, you don't understand evolution. What ...
@4ever: Quran does not encourage to kill innocents? Wtf kind of quran did you f*****g read? I guess, in your world, an apostate (someone who leaves the religion...
@Naija: I think it is fair to say, that you do not understand the process of natural selection. It is important to mention the concept of time, when you speak o...
@Sanjeev: "one is a muslim doesnt mean he has to follow/ believe everything that islam preach. One is a hindu doesnt mean that one has to follow/ believe everyt...
@Tomi: Of course it is a power war sold as religion. Religion is easy to sell, because people buy it without asking questions. No one, in their right mind, wo...
What is your definition of secularist? I ask, because there are many going around the world.
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