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@Naija: No it is not. That is not how a contractual job works. Take off your Chelsea glasses for 2 minutes.
1 day ago
Lol. Yeah, this board might let that happen too.
2 days ago
Absolutely disgraceful treatment of someone who got us glory, and passion, and got the entire stadium together after a horrible season. This club deserves all t...
Would not have mattered who was in the squad. You cannot miss so many clear chances.
2 weeks ago
Rudiger is good on the ball.
Lol, the article is hardly illogical. There are lots of parallels. Whatever Sarri wants to do, cannot be done with these set of players, which means, investing ...
1 month ago
Totally agree with the OP. The number of "smaller" clubs we dropped points against comes down to the quality of the squad, lack of PL experience, and inconsiste...
Okay, fair enough. I guess time will tell how many people have patience with losing 3 or 4 goals at home. This defence and midfield is garbage when playing open...
A few more months of a new manager, and we will go again.
AvB did not sign any of those players, the club signed them. In fact, AvB went on record to say those were not his signings. Moreover, he put Lukaku in the u23s...
@FootballIsCity: Who said he is not liked? Every game of the season, the crowd have been chanting his name.
Kante was insanely good.
Only Phil Jones could have made such a terrible tackle look like a genuine attempt for the ball.
Good performance by Bakayoko, and a great one by Rudiger. I cannot believe Kante did not get Man of the Match. Anything you say about him is an understatement.
2 months ago
Tbf, he had a decent 2nd half. Our expectations of him have taken such a beating, that anything half decent will do for now, I guess.
No, it is not the same thing at all. He was absolutely terrible, every single time he stepped on the pitch, barring that goal against Arsenal (which was a 15 mi...
What a load of BS. Every single Chelsea fan here could not wait for the club to get rid of him. He was awful at Chelsea. It is fantastic how he has developed, b...
"Mourinho wanted to play Salah as left back like he does with all his strikers Salah was not good at playing left back so he was kicked out. " Firstly, Mourinh...
2007, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2018. Nah, no pattern, only manager's fault. Keep blaming the managers, and this will keep happening. @DrogbaLampard: Spend 75m on two ...
3 months ago
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