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What is also very evident, is the quality of questions asked. So much better than the tabloid crap British media.
4 days ago
All I can say is, your ignorance and arrogance is awe-inspiring.
1 week ago
I leave the evidence hunt to you. As a hint, visit any natural history or science museum, or look up google. Like I said, you don't understand evolution. What ...
@4ever: Quran does not encourage to kill innocents? Wtf kind of quran did you f*****g read? I guess, in your world, an apostate (someone who leaves the religion...
@Naija: I think it is fair to say, that you do not understand the process of natural selection. It is important to mention the concept of time, when you speak o...
@Sanjeev: "one is a muslim doesnt mean he has to follow/ believe everything that islam preach. One is a hindu doesnt mean that one has to follow/ believe everyt...
@Tomi: Of course it is a power war sold as religion. Religion is easy to sell, because people buy it without asking questions. No one, in their right mind, wo...
What is your definition of secularist? I ask, because there are many going around the world.
@4ever: Just because communism did thing A, does not mean religion is absolved of doing thing A. If one believes in Christianity, and is pro-homosexuality, the...
Each one of you, ask the following questions of yourselves: 1. Why do I follow / believe in the religion that I do? 2. Was this belief down to my own choice, or...
Zilch!? :*
2 weeks ago
...and what should one do if one does not believe in prayer? Dude, chill down. Provided these guys put in the hard work they are evidently putting in, the penn...
Here we go... I will be surprised if Costa will be a Chelsea player next season. I can sense a transfer request ...
Lol, it is a stonedead penalty. I don't know what you're on about.
A fine? Remember Ashley Barnes? To be honest, I am not that worried about how we played. I think we played quite well. It was one mistake that led to the goal,...
I think we played well. Yes, a team this stacked should not win by luck. But that does not mean conditions should be so stacked up against a team. I think Cost...
@Phenom: How is giving a legitimate decision, getting help from referees?
OMG? Does that mean they will call and apologise?
So, is there anyone here who wants to come and sing the song of "How it all evens up?" Three blatant elbows to the back of the head, and no cards. Baba Rahman ...
Hey, but it all evens up!
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