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It's a sarcasm laden compliment I think.
20 hours ago
What a small world! My brother in law, who's a liverpool fan, was there for the game.
@phenom: so you don't think our strikers have been abysmal in front of goal? Please watch the following games again for reference: Villa, palace, wba, newcastle...
Lollllllllllllllll @ giant cumstain. bahahahahahahahaaa!!!!!!
@Bloom: Every time I hear the words 'Come on Chelsea!', I'm reminded of Carlo's fantastic speech at the Bridge after winning the double.
I'm in complete agreement with what SiF said. If Oscar is to be played deeper, it has to be in a 3 man midfield and not the double pivot.
@Fernandez: The original post is not a criticism of Liverpool. Sheesh! Why do you have to get so defensive? It's a criticism of the quality of punditry that we ...
LOL, Ba's goal against Swansea was Chelsea's first away goal in 4 hours and 30 minutes of football.
Lol, you speak fondly of Roy Keane only because he doesn't play anymore. I have wanted to punch my TV countless number of times because of Keane. Similarly, ev...
@Colin: To the contrary, I think the English value hardwork on the field more than 'smartwork'. For example, and this is something Zilch put forward, a lot of t...
1 day ago
Chelsea saved Aldershot Town FC from bankruptcy this season by providing them the opportunity to host Chelsea's youth team home games. #₡hel$hit
Chelsea subsidize tickets for Atletico trip. #worstclubin...
Please let this be true. Please let this be true. Please let this be true. Please let this be true. Please let this be true.
The irony of it all is, Clattenburg sent Torres off for diving against United last season, when there was contact.
I am a Chelsea fan since 99, so I remember how much the English media used to love us, when we were a cup team, with a magician as our talisman, the perenial pr...
His corner kicks reach the near post on a bounce! So far, amongst all the AMs, he's easily the worst corner at taking corners.
'disgusting amount of bias' is an understatement. Did anyone watch Hamann and Hansen shoving down our throats, what their notion of a dive is? I was too much i...
Why are you trying to stir things up?
Looks like the trends of the pool forum have rubbed off here. Liverpool are where they are in the league because they deserve it. They've made the most of thei...
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 26 shots, 3 on target. 3 out of 26. That's 1 out of 9. Let that sink in.
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