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Not bad for a club with no history...
1 day ago
I hope they sack those people bringing the stretcher out. It was infuriating to watch them stroll out, not understanding the seriousness of the situation.
4 days ago
Chelsea had it easy in the group stage because Chelsea was very good in the group stages. There is no way you can say Chelsea had the easiest group. That honour...
5 days ago
Buy a decent dm, and see Lovren look better. One of the main reason old man JT's pace is not exposed is because of Matic. Schneiderlin was a big reason behind...
I am sure my Naija will love this. :) I have no blame atta...
@Ethio: Unfortunately, a lot of these idiot refs listen to the media, and these pundits. Do not be surprised if, because of the hullabaloo over Chelsea's 3 dive...
6 days ago
The only other player we had with similar qualities was KdB, but he was never going to be trusted with as much of an important position as Cesc has been operati...
Garth Grooks: "Chris Foy booked two players for diving, but not one crucial player. It was a massive decision to make. And he bottled it," the ex-Tottenham stri...
Lol, typical. I had not missed the 'we are so much better than the rest of you lot' attitude. At least we went one season without that. De Gea is the 2nd best ...
1 week ago
Tbh, it's shameful that this is happening now, and the fact that only 1 premier league club does it is a disgrace.
Not only is he a moron, but is a moron with an agenda. Nothing worse than that.
2 weeks ago
Mike Dean to ref today's game. Get ready for innocuous red cards, and blatant fouls on hazard to be called as dives.
This is some top class nonsense. The FA and the media are the ones who should be f*****g taken to task over creating a fuss over nothing. The world has just bec...
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