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@jeroen: Umm, is kdb better than silva even?
22 hours ago
Kdb > hazard
Chelsea's Loan Army on Google Maps,16.9697885,4.75z/data=!4m2!6m1!1szmRIeTp0Sacg.kXjNJJ6X8WLM #RuiningFootballSince20...
2 days ago
You forgot Shinji Kagawa.
We did not want Stones anyways....
4 days ago
Djohn Stones credit: WAGNH.
What is going on? Moses has signed a new contract, and has been packed off for another year on loan. I am so confused with all of this.
@Rylan: I think Baba is not upto Jose's fitness standards, yet.
Smh, the Willian hate is amusing. Yes, he should be doing more offensively, but the complete disregard for what he gives the team wreaks of ungratefulness.
Jeremie Boga loaned out with an option to buy apparently. If true, someone at the club has lost their marbles.
Lol, this song...
5 days ago
The most important question. Can he play RB?
One for the loan army, once we sign Stones next summer. -_-
We would not have won the title last season without Willian. Anyone who thinks otherwise, needs to take a look at his performances in all the big games last sea...
Yes, Ivanovic should be dropped. But with Baba Rahman not yet fit enough, who plays at LB?
6 days ago
Fabregas can play in the double pivot. He did so last season, for more than 50% of the games. He just needs to come back from his vacation.
Hazard did absolutely nothing offensively though. For all the popular Willian hate, Willian did more than Hazard.
With his postmatch interview, I am sure Jose was talking about Hazard and not Ivanovic.
Ivanovic at RB
1 week ago
Lol, gotcha.
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