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@Bluff: Well said. The only thing I will disagree with you on is comparing a special one with "the carefully chosen", "the teeth whitened", "the fake tanned", "...
19 minutes ago
What a fantastic away performance! Professional, purposeful, and pragmatic. There was only one team that could have won that game, and it was unfortunate that w...
10 hours ago
It all evens out guys. In due course, when we are 80 years old, and Chelsea will be in the 3rd division, it will all even out.
15 hours ago
Typical English Neanderthal mentality of brute over brain.
1 day ago
Cesc won't be playing in the double pivot though. Cesc will mostly start in the no. 10 position, with Ramires and Matic behind him. If we are losing, then he ...
2 days ago
@zilch: would you agree, that on the whole, over the entirety of this season, Chelsea have played some of the best football in the league?
3 days ago
Wow, Henry being a major douchebag on Sky. Ronaldo, all his career, celebrated his goals alone, and Henry is giving s**t to Hernandez for celebrating a goal, wh...
4 days ago
The Interim One.
Pragmatism is our philosophy. No club has ever built a legacy without trophies. If it was possible to build legacies just based on pretty football, Swansea and ...
5 days ago
@Realmcoy: In the current market, where CDMs are so rare, you don't think Matic for 21m is a terrific deal? Weird. The Chelsea youth players have been in 3 FA ...
@GSS: Chalobah's been with Chelsea since the age of 10. @StageFright: You say exorbitant, but for his impact, 21m for Matic is a steal.
6 days ago
From your cup semifinal, what did you think of Chalobah's (no. 14) performance?
Gerrard has always been too heavy on passion, and too tactically naive to ever be a truly elite player.
1 week ago
@Ethio: Oscar?
Benitez bought 59 players at £230,000,000, in a much cheaper market, and left you guys in the position that you have found difficult to get out of. http://liv...
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