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I have a two page paper, the text is in two columns and I need to put in an image onto the second page that spans part of both columns and then switch back to t...
16 hours ago
Done so.
What's the query?
Hey bro, wondering if you can help me out editing something in LaTeX. Just need one tiny tweek and thats it.
1 day ago
It made me sick to see him in sky blue. That being said, he's earned the right to do whatever he wants.
2 days ago
It really is the worst forum in internetland. *whine* *whine* *hate* *whine* *hate* *YNWA* *whine*
Learn latex while you can. Resumes look gorgeous in latex too.
LaTeX...LaTeX...LATEX! :)
3 days ago
It's nice to see you happy. lol
6 days ago
Happy Birthday Mr. Greenberg!
1 week ago
Most Barca fans have red chillies stuffed up their collective arses anyways. Just a typical Barca fanboy post. I read them to derive sadistic pleasure. This gu...
At a game reffed by Mike Dean or Chris Foy.
2 weeks ago
The best transfer window in Jose Mourinho's career. Easy.
3 weeks ago
@Ashup: 50m. And the based on performance, the 50m Chelsea paid Liverpool was, unquestionably, the greatest robbery.
Happy birthday bicboi!
A poor boy like me gots meself a work permit. Take that Rojo! The sports athletes come on a Tier 2 Visa (sportsperson category), which have a few add-ons to a ...
4 weeks ago
Lol, Wenger has too much foresight in my opinion. Too many of his signings are often still to reach their peak, and just when they are about to, they sod off.
Congratulations on Balotelli! A fantastic signing for 16m.
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