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Look at no. 6 (Ivanovic) in the center. No wonder he scores as many set piece goals as he does.
8 hours ago
This seems to be a pretty neat way of evaluating how the game ebbed and flowed, during the 90 mins, and which team was in the ascendancy https://www.thechels.c...
2 days ago
@Alekarmo: Around the same time Wenger started expressing his love for young boys.
Congratulations mate! I hope you bring some much needed peace between the Chelsea and Liverpool forums. :)
I'm not so sure how much of the season he really saved. He did worse than RdM was doing in the league. I understand why the club appointed him, but by not apolo...
Hit someone *check* Known racist *check* Chelsea fan *check* You cannot make this s**t up. Lol. XD
4 days ago
Lol, wth?¬if_t=comment_mention
5 days ago
Gerrard heat map. I wonder where the Gerrard Crimes brigad...
1 week ago
Ive seen a lot of posts calling him a coward (:* Ethio), and him being compared to Mata and KdB, along with the usual Coutinho comparisons. Oscar gives the team...
There's been a lot of abuse thrown at Oscar lately. Although, I feel his performances have definitely warranted criticism, but he is only 23, and way away from ...
Play Willian on the left, and Hazard in the center, with Cuadrado on the right. Hazard in the center was sensational in the second half against Soton.
Maybe, but that really should not be the case. At some point, UEFA should consider circulating referees through Europe based on league coefficients. 1 season, ...
There used to be a time I used to get irritated with his high moral groubd comments. He just makes me smile on sight these days. Too much comic quotient. I've ...
If one is a penalty, the other has to be, or neither are. These are the kind of decisions we've gotten for 2 full seasons now, and many of them at Stamford brid...
Make your mind up.
Pedmar is a victor wannabe on the madrid page.
Cuadrado needs to have a full preseason with the squad. No one should be judged without a proper preseason.
At the time the decision was made, he most certainly was.
Mate, both sets of players play with 2 hands and 2 legs. Whether a team plays s**t or not, the playing conditions should be the same for both teams. Yes, it is...
2 weeks ago
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