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Hey Good to hear from you. I am not in London, but my brother is in Essex. He is a big chelsea fan, and is looking for a company to watch matches at the brid...
1 day ago
Hey! Long time man! Im at Oxford, but am traveling to london as we speak, to catch up with my brother, and catch today's games. Hes located near notting hill ro...
4 days ago
I do not play.
5 days ago
There was a post a few days back by Samsocroft about Mourinho, and why he was not different. His make-up as an individual, is very important to how good he is a...
Pep is easily the best coacb of his generation. I don't think he's the best manager, but as a coach, no one can touch him. The work he's done with the Barca B t...
6 days ago
Like Zilch said. For a majority of Drogba's peak years, he wasn't electric. The better you can hold balance when under check from defenders, the better chance y...
1 week ago
Hey brother, are you in London by any chance? I read on the forum sometime that you moved there. Let me know...
Http:// ...
^Listen to him. He knows everything there is to know. This is why I love Mourinho, with all his flaws and sh...
City must be so happy with this.
@Rylan: Gee, thanks! :* @LoC: baby steps, lol. @Naota: cold but gorgeous! @Cap: nice to see you guys again.
2 weeks ago
I miss the geezer..
Hello my beautiful people! I have been 'voyeuring' the forum for the best part of the last 2 months, without too much participation. I am glad that the hiberna...
Id have had more respect for you if you'd gotten to the CL like Tottenham and Everton and Leeds and Southampton and Newcastle have... @liq: bro, y u forget Che...
Shut up Ethio! What about all those years when you spent money like a glutton? Now that Arsenal does it, it becomes immoral? You plastic rent boy.
Zilch is fantastic, and so are most of the mods. That being said, and I know its very difficult, the site is not consistent in it's treatment of users. Some u...
@Deffyduck: investing in infrastructure does not get factored into FFP. I love how everything clubs A, B, and C don't think of, and Club X does, is immoral, un...
I was very impressed with Arsenal, especially in the first half. If you guys play like you did at the bridge, in the first half especially, you will take points...
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