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@REDZONE: I was writing in sarcasm font. Oscar was massive for most of the season we won the 2015 title.
1 hour ago
Blame Oscar.
1 day ago
Welcome back man!
2 days ago
To be fair to Jose, his defenders are mostly garbage. I mean compare the defence he had during both his stints at Chelsea, with this United defence. Neither Sma...
1 week ago
Another thing to add is, Luiz has been carrying heavy strapping on his knee (thanks Aguero) and wrist. He probably needs some time out anyways. I hope this is n...
Very good performance. Should have scored many more, but we are not Chelsea without donkey moments. Antonio!
I am a bit perplexed by the coverage of the game so far. Minus the Rashford chance, and the Lukaku chance which he manufactured with some good play, we've domin...
Anthony Taylor f*****g us again. I wonder why a referee from Manchester is appointed for this game.
Maybe, just a late bloomer?
2 weeks ago
They are right though. Most of our struggles come from not being able to control the midfield.
Cue the Morata to Madrid rumours.
Good efficient performance. A very Chelsea performance.
This guy is a such a gem. I hope he comes back in some capacity, even if not as a player.
3 weeks ago
The board should be embarrassed about the 8th most valuable club in the world struggling to put out a competitive team when 2 or 3 players are missing. Disgrace...
1 month ago
Today was the end of Michy. He is finished here. He was so bad today, and even though I want to feel sorry for him, I cannot. We looked a lot better from the ...
He played 60 minutes in his preferred position, and did not do anything. Everyone but Cesc was terrible. But Eden is the flagship, and has to do much better. I ...
Should have lost 4 or 5 goals. What a disgusting performance. Honestly, Hazard should be embarrassed. Did absolutely nothing all game apart from a couple of fan...
It's mostly down to ZERO movement from him. You could see even Moses berating him when he made a run instead of coming close to receive it from Moses.
That's my brother! He met Antonio when out biking around Cobham. Apparently, he was kind enough to introduce his daughter Vittoria, ask him where my brother was...
I don't think it is a ridiculous statement at all. Assuming that it is aimed at Chelsea's handling of the academy, it is absolutely rightly critical. Musonda wa...
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