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Lol my bad
2 days ago
Exactly, it was an ugly match but im glad we came out of anoeta with 3 points.
The moment i saw busi and andres on his idols list, i started liking him too :) i know what that kid wants to be.
6 days ago
For me, verratti, replacement for xavi. (very balanced in defense and attack, great driblling skills, great passer and playmaker) and Juan mata, replacement fo...
I think instead of changing football, blater must be changed. football is alright, all they gotta do is just to let football alone. and not turn it to sucker i...
1 week ago
Anyone else feels like me? what zidane as a coach is doing in RM is exactly the same thing he did to them as a player. when he played RM was always spain and eu...
2 weeks ago
I agree with most points that you guys made, poor form of neymar and suarez, and the back up striker paco, motivation less midfield and no natural RB. and when ...
Messi and iniesta. dont forget andres
3 weeks ago
How much i loved isco to come to barca, and yeah as you said there is 1% chance that he comes to barca. About iniesta's replacement, i dont know if you agree ...
4 weeks ago
Pep might be having problem with english culture of playing football (which i think with a lil more time he will understand it and do a lot better) but i think ...
Maybe he should start with assisting until he gets his thirst for goal. he is a very useful striker. if he doesnt score, he can assist.
1 month ago
I remember his days at valencia. he was never a suarez or lewandowski type player that only know how to score, he was a player with good understanding in attack...
Glory raod yup me too, i wish the same. iniesta too. as long as these 2 play great in happy mood and healthy and not retire anytime soon, i dont give a middle f...
Just as i expected big clubs face eachother to get eliminated in early rounds so path will be clear in the next round for royal football club of madrid. hala ma...
Real madrid fan dude, what else you expect. allergic to messi
Remember the previous draw? where there were 2 weird incidents? one was roberto carlos and i forgot the other. those stuff make believe any cheating might be po...
Is this serious?
Yeah whats wrong letting arda start some games? i mean when he earns it, why not? in this way neymar will need to work harder and push himself to his limits.
Leonardito just became a Fan of Deportivo La Coruña
The only thing im glad about is the return of andres. and how well busquets played again.
Neymar plays too emotional, he mixes emotion in his game so often instead of being pro and 100% at the service of the team
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