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Such bitterness hurts to read..
6 years ago
Take away Ronaldo's goals and Real still finish at the top of the table.. How did you figure that one out? Do they still win the Classico too?
May I just remind you that last season Ronaldo broke the scoring record and did not win the award.. So much for your bitter little rant.. And to go even a bit f...
Mate I don t think it s true saying Ronaldo scores for himself and Barca players score for the team.. That s a cliche that everyone jumps on.. Ronaldo hates to ...
As I said.. Everything I said is taking nothing away from Messi.. When I say I think Ronaldo will be Top 5 when he retires doesn t mean I m saying he s better o...
You must be aware that all Barca penaltys are taken by Messi.....?
And that s taking nothing away from Messi by the way
Ronaldo Top 15? Maybe?? You must be deluded (or retarded to use your expression) in some way.. Just take a look at the numbers he s putting up (his scoring reco...
Haha nice find man that ll shut some people s traps.. People who say Ronaldo shoots every time he gets the ball and all that rubbish obviously don t watch any o...
Well I don t know.. Has he scored 120 goals in 122 appearances?
Every team has a designated penalty taker.. And given that so does Real Madrid and so does Barcelona.. You would know that if you actually knew anything about f...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Not biased in any fashion.. Right................
'What he did two years ago is over'.. He hasn t really stopped though has he?
So you say scoring goals in La Liga doesn t count cus it s low-caliber opposition? Well just to refresh you memory Ronaldo holds the scoring record in both La L...
'In terms of shot.. Finishing from positioning.. I ll go Van Persie over both of them'.. Right................................
Right then so let s just play the two Classicos at the begining of the season and not play the rest of the schedule.. Will be quicker this way.. Ridiculous
You do realise you re talking about someone who has scored in many CL quarter-finals, semi-finals, and his team only goal in a winning CL final. I m not even ta...
If by the challenge of Pepe you mean the one where he didn t touch Alves but Alves faked having to be carried out in the strecther and came back straight after ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Agreed with everything said before.. Reading this article you d think Chelsea were heading to the Europa League..
Not only is he from Ivory Coast but adding to that he also is far from good enough to play for Brazil.. Two reasons why they have never 'used' him..
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