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Alright mate ive started a new Facebook group for proven United supporters only its called UNITED ONLY your welcome anytime mate,greetings Patrick aka redsince6...
3 years ago
Always remember the gentleman code, Never Fart On Someone Balls!!
Ban in 3...2...
^ ^ You must have been really patient to say that after 10 years of waiting, it is a long time to waste your life! >.
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Just found gold.. http://9gag.com/gag/a2NR9vZ
^Wrong we destroy it only by 90 minutes, remember!?
BR of course brimming with confidence, because this year belongs to Liverpool, oh wait.. i had heard that somewhere.
Can't say any better, mate...cheers!!
"Ferguson was appointed manager at Old Trafford on 6 November 1986, United had finished champions with a 10-point margin over runners-up Aston Villa, whose 1–...
Now i feel sorry for them, trying so hard to annoy us but it back fire at them. LOL
Wow, what FIFA says about this? Imagine if this happen when the world cup next year.
Keep Calm and Just Wait, something good will come to they that have a patience :P
The history of Manchester United F.C. spans the period from 1878 to the present day, that is about 135 years history of football, glory, romance, drama, people ...
Sigh, for some fans Rooney is bigger than Man Utd, MAYBE is about time they support other club. Beckham, Nistelrooy, Ronaldo they are our talisman when they pla...
Johan Cruyff has told Manchester United target Thiago Alcantrara to seriously consider leaving Barcelona if he is not promised first team football next season. ...
A great team is consist 11 first players + 7 good backup players, and yes the key is rotation, anyone that a fans of football for a long time should now about t...
No player is bigger than the club, that is gonna be and it is always be.
Actually me too, the italian is just playing defence right now, make it very boring.
Joga Bonito VS Catenaccio right now.
Players come and go, but sometimes some of this players show something beyond Imagines and Dreams for us and we/the fans proudly called them as the LEGENDS.
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