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It hasn't worked all season. It's really hard to track my team when I have to do the stats manually. Can't the bug be fixed?
And when will the transfer window open?
3 months ago
How many people are playing Dreamfooty this season? I'd love to know the overall number.
For some reason, Nasri's points aren't showing up for the Arsenal game. Can that be fixed?
4 months ago
Matt! Help a brother out! When are you going to fix this?
I have to post this in both forums. I still can't see most of my Bundesliga player performance data which makes it really difficult to make informed decisions. ...
Guys! It is getting a bit frustrating now. I can't see the player performance data for almost all of my bundesliga players which makes it incredibly difficult t...
Folks. Can we please fix the bug that is making it impossible to see the stats for my bundesliga players?
5 months ago
Help! I still can't see any of my players' stats from Leverkusen! Can you fix this?
6 months ago
When on an ipad, i can't click on the most recent results on any players graph. also, i am still not able to see any of my players' results from leverkusen. any...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I'm really glad you mention Flamini in this report. He has a fantastic, understated, match. He controlled that midfield and was a calming presence throughout. G...
Yep. None of my Leverkusen players' graphs show up. Any chance of fixing that?
Hey, matt. Kebling's graph never shows.
Trua for me as well. I can't see the most recent results and half of the time, Imcan't even see the graph.
I agree and have been asking for it from week 1. It's really hard to stay up on your players without the stats.
7 months ago
Why is that? That has never happened before with Dreamfooty? It's really hard to keep track of your players and their points without this point of reference.
I have to ask again. I know that it is going to happen soon, but I hope really soon. It is tough to follow the players' performances and to ensure that the poin...
Can we get the run down of points earned by player by match instead of the 2012-2013 graph that currently exists?
I am so tired of players raising their hands in anticipating of a foul. Play the game, please.
8 months ago
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